What affects the price of a time tracking software

The economy aspect is important for any employee. When purchasing anything for the company, the first thing, that is taken into account, is price.
Probably, that`s why most time tracking software vendors face the question: “Why is it so expensive?”.

What does affect the price of time tracking software?

1. Quality

A simple example – shoes. If one pair of shoes costs $ 100, and the other $ 30, exactly the same, which one would you chose? Certainly the one that is more expensive. Because you know that the cheap pair is made of fake leather, will crack and wear out quickly. Finally, your feet will feel uncomfortable and may smell bad.
So, of course, you can purchase a cheaper time tracking software. But will it satisfy all your needs?

2. Value

The price of each product or service depends not only on the price itself, but also on the value it delivers.
For example, the paintings of famous artists. There are many people, who are ready to buy them for great money, but those pieces of art are unavailable, just because they have historical and esthetical value.
The price of the service or service also includes its usefulness and necessity.

3. Profitability

How would you like time tracking software that can save you money? Positively, right?
That's what you get with Yaware.TimeTracker. The cost of the software per year is almost 20 times less than the money that you lose without it.

4. Support

In addition to quality, value and profitability the price of the service also includes support. A more expensive purchase has a better support. Remember how retailers treat the clients at luxury boutiques?
By purchasing Yaware.TimeTracker, you get a highly qualified support and free updates.
The best proof of the value of Yaware.TimeTracker is that some of our customers have been with us for four years, as well as experience in sales worldwide (Canada, USA, Lithuania, Bulgaria, etc.).

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