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You have probably asked yourself this question: Should I hire remote employees? Or a more profound one: Should I let employees work where they want?
The possible reason why you’re still thinking and not doing are the drawbacks that occur. However, you can make collaboration with remote staff the most efficient and eliminate the drawbacks if you use remote employee time tracking.

What are the benefits of remote employee time tracking?

Better understanding of the workflow

You can’t evaluate the productivity of your remote employee or a virtual team another way than checking the eventual results of their work. Sadly, the results may not only be satisfying. One of the reasons for that is you have no or few checkpoints with your team.
Taking a project, it is natural to split it into small parts and share among the employees. Every small part should have a deadline. That’s the checkpoint, where the team or employee should report about their progress.
But the trick is that pretty often there’s a significant time difference between the employer and employees.
That’s why you need remote employee time tracking. Choosing a time tracking software that can take screenshots like Yaware.TimeTracker you get many checkpoints at any time you need. You get to see how the work is going and if there’s something wrong about it so that you can make timely corrections. Besides if you choose an automatic time tracking app, then the screenshots will be available to you automatically.

Accurate time tracking for billing clients and payroll

Billing might become a major problem when trying to get remote employees’ hours together. But not if you use time tracking.
In theory, you could rely on the data that your team or the freelancers provide you with, but you want to give the customer an accurate report and avoid overpaying.
Using the tracking data, you save either yours or your accountant's’ time on calculating the expenses, can build accurate reports and gain the trust of your clients. Also, the time tracker keeps the data for as minimum as six months, so you always have a backup in urgent cases.

Higher employee engagement

Have you ever thought that remote employee time tracking can help you maintain engagement?
First of all, because it gives you more control over their work. You get a chance to evaluate the performance not only by the results but also by the actual picture of everyday work. It allows you to give the corresponding feedback and improve the collaboration.
Second of all, time tracking gives each employee the feeling of your presence. It helps them to stay focused and not get relaxed by the homely atmosphere.

Bottom line

The truth is, hiring remote staff is not for every business. You need to have aspects that don’t require permanent presence of the employees at the office.
But if you feel that it’s just the right thing, then all the benefits apply to you, and you can get started with remote employee time tracking without any doubts.

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