Successful business is not only delivering a product or service that meets the customer's needs. It is also an understanding of how to effectively manage and monitor employees.
Embracing the benefits of implementing time clock software in the workplace is a way to save time and continue succeeding in any industry, while offering a number a number of additional advantages to your employees.
Yet, tracking who’s working and who’s not, tracking total worked hours and calculating wages isn’t just a hassle – it can be a nightmare! It doesn't have to be though. Imagine the world where tracking time, attendance and salaries is much more simple.

What is a time clock software?

Time clock software is a very updated and modernized time clock, that enables managers and employers to track employee work at the computer and at the same time, track attendance.
It includes the features of a traditional time clock (attendance tracking), but also offers a number of additional features, like Internet and application usage tracking, categorization of websites and applications by productivity, automatically filled in timesheets, etc.

3 benefits of using time clock software for your business

Use of a time clock solution for business helps to manage employees and their attendance better. Without the old traditional methods of clocking in and clocking out of work, it is much easier to keep employees working efficiently for more time each day.

1) Accuracy

Manual time and attendance tracking often leads to rounding or conflicting reports that usually cost your company money. After implementing time clock software, companies save 3-5% on payroll expenses.

2) Saves Time

Using a centralized system that keeps track of schedules and working time, and automatically uploads all the records to one place, significantly reduces the amount of time spent on collecting and double-checking the information.

3) Mobility

There is a lot of people nowadays who work from home, and there's a lot of managers out at meetings or business trips but still want to keep an eye on their employees. That's why the best time tracking software applications offers their customers mobile apps for IOS and Android to monitor the office on the go.

Who can benefit from using time tracking?

Anyone can benefit from time tracking. An employer who wants to track employee computer usage in order to find ways to increase productivity. A freelancer that can easily report about work done and prove that they didn't waste any working hours. An employee that is being tracked can use the time tracking to their benefit: find the time wasting/consuming activities, rearrange the day and never stay late at the office.

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