For employees the benefits of a flexi-schedule are obvious: a better work-life balance. But what about for the company?
More and more companies nowadays allow and even encourage their staff to have flexible work schedules. There's around 70% of companies that make flexible working available.
However, there is a mismatch between how managers and employees understand the case of a flexi-schedule. Most managers see it as a part-time job, which is far away from employee vision. For employees, flexible means being able to come to work at a comfortable time and work from home. Unfortunately, only 34% of companies are ready to provide this type of work. This mostly happens because researches show that there`s no significant relation between a flexible schedule and better performance. To put it simply, the company does not see any financial benefit from a flexible working schedule.
Look beyond financial performance however and the benefits are clear. Studies also show that employees who have flexible schedules are more likely to describe relations between them and the management as good or very good. And when it comes to going ‘the extra mile', employees that work flexibly are those who are more willing to give more back.

So what`s the problem then?

So why are managers reluctant to allow their employees to work flexible hours?
Except for financial disadvantages, most managers are concerned about the control of such workers. Especially if their work is charged hourly.
You can still let your employees have flexible schedules and have no concerns about their work using employee attendance and time tracking software, for example, Yaware.TimeTracker.

What is Yaware.TimeTracker and how can it help track time and attendance?

Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic employee time and attendance tracking software application developed to keep precise records of employees work at any compute or mobile phone. All data about employees` performance is provided in the form of reports. In particular, employers can find out:

  • beginning and the end of the working day;
  • total worked hours;
  • productivity during the day;
  • which applications and websites the employee is using during the day and their relation to work.

With the help of Yaware, you can be sure that employees work as long as they ought to and don`t misuse the Internet during the day.
Furthermore, employees can also benefit from using the time and attendance tracking software. By learning personal statistics, employees can estimate and improve their productivity, learn how to manage time better and distribute their workload correctly.

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