tracking employee hours for producticity

Tracking employee hours gives the executives a lot more than just starting and stop time and attendance.
Using the right system, e.g. Yaware.TimeTracker you also get productivity insights and the possibility to avoid the productivity collapses.

What are some productivity insights that tracking employee hours gives you?

Overloaded employees

Overloads hurt employee productivity. There is a good reason why a standard workweek is 40 hours and no more no less.
By tracking employee hours, you can find out which employees often go over the 40-hour limit and find out the reason for it.

Internet use

Yaware.TimeTracker allows managers to analyze employees’ Internet use. The system also automatically categorizes all websites into productive, unproductive and neutral. So a manager can quickly evaluate the productivity of each employee and undertake actions to increase it.

Wasted time

Tracking time spent working at the computer enables to improve time management skills and eliminate wasted time.
With Yaware.TimeTracker each employee gets a personal report that enables him/her to see which activities take too long, which websites consume the most time and so take actions to increase personal productivity.

And here are some bonus tips for increasing productivity…

Place some plants in the office

We all know that plants clear the air and produce oxygen. The air conditioning system is great and necessary, but there’s nothing better than the fresh air from living plants.
Besides, having a plant in the workplace helps employees to stay focused and feel more awake.

Invest in an ergonomic keyboard and mousepad

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a common thing for most office workers. And the reason for that is uncomfortable positioning of keyboard and mousepad.
The easiest way to find out if your employees have it is to ask if they have numbness, pain or tingling in their wrists while working at the computer.
If they do, then it’s time to change all the keyboards and mousepads.

Encourage employee to practice mental games and brain exercises

It is one of the ways to increase employee productivity: by increasing the brain power and mental strength. However, tell employees to play them at home, as they are quite tiring. So, if done during the working day, they can actually decrease productivity.
Here are some examples of games: Lumosity, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer.

In conclusion…

Use these tips in combination with tracking employee hours to drive the overall productivity and keep it growing.

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