Here’s the bad AND good news: productivity is not an innate gift. That’s bad news because that means it’s not something that magically happens to you when you need to get things done. It’s good news, however, because it means anyone is capable of learning great ways to better themselves and accomplish their goals.
Productivity requires creating process, workflows, and then constantly iterating on those to find what really works for you. Here’s even more good news: we’ve created an ebook with some of the best tips for how to get going. How To Boost Your Personal Productivity: A Complete Guide is now ready for download, and it’s free!

Setting Effective Goals

It’s common to make the mistake of thinking you’re getting a lot of things done. But the question remains: are they the right things? There is often a disconnect between what people are working on and what managers care about. Do your goals align with the company’s goals? How do you get in touch with the bigger picture?
There are a few, key frameworks you can put in place with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Time Management

How many times have you eked away at your day only to glance at the clock and exclaim, “It’s 4 o’clock already?! But I have so much left to do!” It’s important to remember that being busy does not necessarily equate to being productive. Understanding the difference between the two can help you be more effective and ultimately, get more done.
There are a few different techniques and frameworks you can adopt in your schedule to manage your time better. Assigning structure to how you attack your tasks can make a huge difference in your output. In this ebook, we discuss a few time management tricks that experts in all fields swear by as ways to eliminate distractions and maximize their time.

Tools Of The Trade

The good news about 2017 is that there is a lot more technology available to help us solve our productivity problems.
In the ebook, we’re reviewing software that helps you with all kinds of dilemmas:

  • Getting status reports from everyone on your team.
  • Removing all distractions for a “tunnel vision” view of your desktop.
  • Eliminating the problem of having 38738 browser tabs open.
  • Time tracking apps that actually help you manage your focus.

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