Undoubtedly, you’ve been there – feeling sleepy and exhausted at the workplace in the middle of the day, unable to concentrate on any task. Even the n-th cup of coffee or some chocolates (you believe that caffeine and sugar should lift you up) don’t do you any good.
It may happen to anyone, and no one is to blame, since the matter lies within our brain. It simply cannot work at the peak productivity 8 hours long, 5 days a week. Even if you get enough sleep, your brain still needs rest throughout a day. So, how to make the most out of your working time and not get yourself overworked? How to boost your employees’ productivity along with building a successful team? Let’s take a look at the expert tips on this topic.
Tip#1. Take regular breaks
According to the recently conducted experiment, the most productive workers aren’t those working in a “distraction-free mode” and staying late. On the contrary, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, it is recommended to take short breaks from work every hour. You may be horrified by the possibility of being accused of negligence by your boss, but it is worth trying.
The thing is, this method lets our brain work at its “maximum capacity” between the breaks and use that time to the full to achieve the set goals. Then, during the short break, it’s best to get up from the computer and take a walk, talk to a colleague or do some exercise – this helps your brain to relax and “reload”.
Tip#2. Engage in physical activity
It’s been proved scientifically that apart from your body, exercise helps to keep brain in a good shape, too. For instance, it improves memory functions and facilitates information processing. It also makes us feel happier and more energetic.
Many successful companies have already taken advantage of this tip and encourage their employees to work out, even at work. So, it might be worth trying to install some fitness equipment in your office in order to give overall productivity a good boost.
Tip#3. Take group walks during meetings
Traditionally, company meetings are associated with a few people sitting around a table and talking. Why not change the venue and go outside to do the same talking? Even if you need to do some demonstration, laptop or tablet will help.
According to the research held in the University of Michigan, group walks have positive effect on the mood and reduce stress. Moreover, they have the tendency to improve creativity. So, the meeting “on foot” can be an awesome way to gather new ideas.
Tip#4. Organize company (team) adventurous activities
This tip may look not quite work productivity related, but in fact it is so. Getting away of the familiar office surroundings and participating in exciting and challenging activities together helps build a stronger team with healthy relationships. This is a great chance for employees to learn something new and get totally refreshed in the face of the new working day or week.
Tip#5. Use a time tracker app
Finally, implementing a time-tracker software like Yaware.TimeTracker in your office takes the burden of control over your employees off your shoulders. This service launches along with the computer and records all activity like websites and software used plus the time spent on each task and creates comprehensive reports for the executives.
As to employees, time tracker app is their helper with time-management, providing a detailed picture of their personal daily activity, detecting the biggest “time-eaters”, showing the duration of breaks, tracking visits to social websites etc. It can also become a means of objective evaluation of the most and least productive employees, presenting an extra motivation to “work smarter” for your staff.


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