office prodcutivity factors

An office is more than just four walls and a couple of windows. It's a place that has to provide all necessary conditions for productive work. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Quite often the conditions in the office don't help employee productivity at all.
Can you tell if your office is a productive place? Do you know what impacts productivity at the workplace? If not, then you came to the right place.

What has the greatest impact on employee productivity?

1) Ambient noise

It is impossible to eliminate noise in the office. And you shouldn't do that. Too low or too loud noises have a negative impact on employee productivity. Instead try to maintain a normal level of sound, which is 60-70 dB. It is about as loud as a regular piano playing. A normal level of ambient noise enhances productivity and the ability to think creatively.
So if you're going to organize an open office space, consider putting noisy employees away from those who appreciate a peaceful atmosphere.

2) Cluttered workspace

Cluttered workspace = chaos, and chaos has never ever brought anything good. Clutter is bad for 4 reasons:

  1. It wastes time – clutter undermines productivity by making you disorganized. Instead of quickly locating necessary documents and files, you're forced to spend hours sorting through the various piles located throughout your office.
  2. It causes procrastination – a messy office is full of endless distractions. Whether you're shuffling through papers or reorganizing project files, clutter keeps you from focusing on the work that really matters.
  3. It's psychologically damaging – did you know that your environment has a direct effect on our attitude and mood? Clean, bright environments make us feel happier and more stable. Messy, disorganized spaces leave us feeling off-balance and overwhelmed. Just because you can tolerate clutter in your workspace doesn't make it ok.
  4. It's dangerous to your health – clutter can actually cause you significant physical harm, so be careful! Piles of paper are prime obstacles to trip over, while loose papers could potentially cause a fire if they get too close to a space heater. A messy work environment can also exacerbate other health issues like allergies, asthma, or claustrophobia.

3) Temperature

Are you hot or cold? The temperature in the office not only affects our mood and health, but it also interferes with our accuracy. According to one study, 44% of employees made more mistakes when working in a cold office.
But when it's too hot, employees tend to conflict more and get more agitated.
So when it's too cold, people make more mistakes and slow down. When it's too hot – people get irritated. Do you see where we're going with this?

4) Uncomfortable furniture

The design of office furniture often affects health, comfort and productivity. Chairs that are not regulated, small tables cause back pain and contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Studies have found that employees who received ergonomic adjustable seats, increase their average performance by 17.8 %.

5) Irritating/distracting space

Recently the “Wall Street Journal” published the results of several studies. According to them, the space can affect not only performance, but also the style of work that employees do. Low ceilings encourage analytical thinking, while high ceilings stimulate abstract thinking and creativity. Color and light can also change our thinking. For example, red walls can stifle creativity, but help to fulfill tasks that require precision.
Now that you know about the factors that impact employee productivity take a closer look at your office, and maybe you will find some things that need improvement.

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