Twitter is a great and valuable tool for learning from other people’s experience. But since Twitter is a real-time stream of 140-character updates from people whose opinions and musings matter to you, it might be hard to figure out who to follow.
With that in mind we've put up a list of 10 people to follow on Twitter if you're looking for news in the tech world. We've been looking for people who post the most useful information like news, tips and much more.

So here's the list of people to follow for tech lovers:

1. Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken
Harry McCracken is a technology editor of FastCompany and a founder of Technologizer. This guy is a web journalist and writes early and often on a wide variety of tech subjects, and no techie on Twitter has a better wheat-to-chaff ratio than Harry. That's why we made him #1.

2. Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle.png
Rob Enderle is an American technology analyst. He is renowned for looking at the tech world with a discerning, critical eye. Enderle frequently posts a variety of comments in the media on technology companies like Apple, HP, Google, Sony, Microsoft and Oracle, and on technology-related topics such as security. He is frequently contacted by the media for his opinion on breaking news and other happenings in the technology world.
This guy has been labeled one of the most quoted technology analysts in the media so he is definitely worth following.

3. Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott.pngPaul
Thurrott is a technology podcaster and blogger on his website SuperSite for Windows and Windows It Pro Magazine. He gives comments and reviews on Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, and other products. He is not afraid to tell you when he likes or hates something.
Paul is the host of Windows Weekly with co-hosts Leo Laporte and journalist Mary Jo Foley, a podcast focusing on weekly non-expert commentary about news of Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and other Microsoft and computing related topics. Windows Weekly attracts approximately 80,000 downloads for each episode.
Seems like a great guy to follow for tech geeks right?

4. Lance Ulanoff

Lance Ulanoff.png
Lance Ulanoff is an American tech and social media commentator. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of, PC Magazine, Mashable and SVP of Content for PCMag Digital Network. His account is an excellent source of links, quick news hits, and instant analysis on lots of general tech topics.

5. Rafe Needleman

Rafe Needleman.png
Rafe Needleman is a magazine and website editor and published author. He wrote a Star Trek trivia book in 1980 and has covered technology and business since 1988. This guy has a lot of experience and opinions to share.
He doesn't post as often as some of others on this list but nearly everything he does post is worthwhile.

6. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki.png
Guy Kawasaki is the founder of AllTop (known for covering issues around technology and business), aside from being one of the biggest supporters of Apple. He is also an author and publisher of various technology-related blogs and articles.

7. Tom Merritt

Tom Merrit.png
Tom Merritt is a technology journalist, writer, and broadcaster best known as the host of several podcasts. Currently he is a host of the Follow him for fresh tech podcasts and news.

8. Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts.png
Matt Cutts is the leader of the web spam team at Google. Occasionally he posts about Google related stuff and gives a lot of great advice and tips on his blog about SEO, gadgets and more. This guy is a must-follow if you want to learn interesting things about Google.

9. Bill Gross

Bill Gross.png
Bill Gross is an American businessman and is the guy who founded Google’s business model. He also founded GNP Loudspeakers (now GNP Audio Video), an audio equipment manufacturer; GNP Development Inc., and the business incubator Idealab in March, 1996, of which he serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
This man has great experience in business so following him will give you great insight into technology, business and breaking news.

10. Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble.png
As a former technical evangelist for Microsoft, Scoble knows his stuff. His blog, Scobleizer, is one the most read tech blogs on the web so following his Twitter feed is a good way to keep up-to-date with what he is saying. Startups are his business, literally, so Scoble always has his finger on the pulse for the latest trends. He's also not afraid to go against popular opinion which always makes for a good read.

We hope that this is a helpful list. Subscribe to our blog for more “people to follow on Twitter”!

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