Best Time Management Apps That Can Help Your Business

Sometimes it’s not the way you work that matters, but the tools you use to do your work or run your business. Apps and technologies evolve so quickly that it becomes difficult to determine the best time management apps. But no matter how many apps there is out there, the world knows it’s leaders who help employees and employers do their work better day by day.
So here are three of the best time management apps that will help to make collaborating, sharing, editing and creating much faster, easier and efficient.

Google Drive to escape MS Office

Long ago, Google became an essential part of our everyday life and work. However, Google Drive is a relatively new thing to business owners.
Google launched its file storage service in 2012. However, only in October, 2014 Google Drive hit 240 million active users.
Google Drive is a powerful tool for businesses of any size. And most importantly, it is free!
Because Google Drive is a cloud storage, you can access the document you need from any location that has an Internet connection. So now there’s no need to carry around a flash drive with a set of necessary documents.
Also forget about emailing the Word document back and forth. If you need several people to work on a document, just email them a link and edit the document together. Google Docs also enables you to comment on whatever there is in the document, and co-workers can respond to that comment right away.

Evernote for every note

Evernote rightfully is very important in the list of best time management apps. It is perfect for more than just compiling your grocery list.
Evernote enables users to share notes within and between teams and team members. You can upload files like PDF’s, images for easier reference. Evernote’s search feature even eliminates the need to thumb through hundreds of documents; instead, simply type in some keywords relevant to the document for which you are searching.
The best feature about Evernote is that it allows to synchronize your smartphone/tablet with your computer. So if you jot down some notes on-the-go, be sure that when you get to the office, they will already be on your computer. This is a fantastic way to ensure that the most important ideas are never lost.
The basic Evernote app is free, but if you need additional space for storage – go for a premium version. There is also a business version that lets team members easily share documents and lets you add extra security to protect company information.

Yaware.TimeTracker to keep every minute on count

Time always matters because it is a valuable resource that can not be rewinded or added. It especially matters because for every business, time is money they earn or loose. By learning how to manage time, you learn to manage money.
And you can’t manage time better if you don’t know the current time losses.
An automated time tracking system helps to improve time management in three ways:
1) allocate time wastes and rearrange the work of departments in a way that would help to spend less time on a project/task.
2) save hours (or even days) on HRM.
3) allow employees to track time spent on tasks and let them decide how to improve their work.
Although you may be an early adopter of technology, it’s important that you know that there’s nothing holding your competitors back from getting started.
By using these three best time management apps, some creative thinking and smart planning you can easily build a business strategy that will make your competitors green with envy.

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