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A way that most users of employee time and attendance software don’t use it is for managing overtime. If you still think that putting 5 or 10 extra hours to a standard workweek is harmless, then you are making a huge mistake.

Why overtime hurts employee productivity?

To be exact, overtime hurts not just employee productivity, but also their health, which are totally connected.
See, today the part of people who work on the computer is the highest than ever before. With automation, Internet pervasiveness it becomes an inherent part of our work. So, employees already get to work 8 hours at the computer, what if they work even more?
Did you know that the daily norm of time spent at the computer should not exceed 4 hours? Otherwise, employees are at high risk of getting a short-sight. Which in older age could result in blindness. Also, long work at the computer may result in consistent headaches, backpains, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
The second reason for why overtime hurts productivity is because employees have less time to unwind. If they work 9 or 10 hours, that means they get home later (where they have kids, pets, dishes) and go to sleep later. As a result they don’t rest enough, get to work tired and do their work not so well.
In a couple of months, you will a get a fatigued, burnt out employee. And a simple vacation will not be enough to recover completely.

Why does overtime occur?

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Overloads;
  2. Poor time management.

First and obvious one is overload. Most likely you are increasing the amount of work you want to get done without increasing the number of employees. Or some employees get more work than they can handle while the others have more free time.
The second is more deep and “invisible”, meaning it is harder to find out that some employees have poor time management skills until you investigate their work time.

How to manage overloads using employee time and attendance software?

What employee time and attendance software gives you is the easy way of finding employees who are overloaded and underloaded.
Using the reports you can see which of your employees stay late at the office. How to find out that they work and don't just goof off?
Easy. Yaware.TimeTracker captures the apps and software that employees use, so if at after hours they use work related resources than they are overloaded or have poor time management skills.
Also, using Yaware.TimeTracker you give employees a chance to improve their time management skills and increase workplace productivity. Each employee gets a graphic review of their day, including used apps and software, time spent on them and productivity analysis. So, they can detect which apps distract and take way too much time, like email or social media websites.


Don’t let your employees overwork, not only you are hurting them, but you are also hurting your business. If you want to do more with less, just outsource some of the work and use employee time and attendance software to both stay tuned with remote employees and keep the load of your in-house employees under control.

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