When you are a manager of a big company with a lot of employees across different shifts, measuring employee productivity becomes quite a challenge. It’s very hard to collect, combine and analyze all the data in a way that helps to understand the performance of employees and increase it.

Why is measuring employee productivity important?

The success of the company mostly depends on the work of employees. So, in order to increase the profits of your business, you have improved the performance of employees.

What is the best way to measure employee productivity?

If your company has multiple teams with a lot of employees in them, measuring employee productivity becomes a complicated task, even if you hire a data guru.
Each team member has personal skills and responsibilities, and so requires individual assessment approach. This way, the best way to measure the efficiency of employees’ work is to use an automated time tracking system.

The benefits of using an automated time tracking system

1) It saves you money

A time tracking software allows you to find areas where you can save money. For example, do employees use all the expensive services that you pay for? Maybe yes, maybe no. And how often do they use them? You can detect using a time tracking tool.
In case a certain app is rarely used, then you could find a cheaper or a free version of it. In case it’s not used at all, just stop using it.

2) It allows to monitor productivity of employees with different schedules and shifts

Managers find it difficult to maintain a clear and correct accounting of employees’ with flexible schedules and shift work, not to mention their performance.
Time tracking software can solve this problem at once. Simply, customize the system, according to your needs, i.e. set the start and stop time for each employee individually, set the working days, and voilà!
The system will do the rest work for you. In the end, you just have to look through the reports.

3) It provides you with accurate data

It is impossible to evaluate the productivity of employees’ work at the computer manually. Furthermore, it does not make sense. Because, in that case, you would have to assign a manager for each employee, who would stand the whole day at employees’ desk, watching every move.
Sounds creepy, huh? Besides, nobody likes micromanagement.
A much simpler and more efficient way for measuring employee productivity is a time tracking software, e.g. Yaware.TimeTracker. It silently tracks every visited website and used application and assigns it to one of the three categories: productive, unproductive and neutral.
All tracking processes are done automatically, so you get accurate data about employees’ performance.


The times of impressive Excel and timesheet management skills are over. Furthermore, they don’t allow to assess the performance of employees.
Use an automated time tracking system instead to avoid micromanagement and get accurate data about employees’ performance, which enables you to increase it the right way.

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