How are you going to implement changes in how your company manages time and projects if it includes a multitude of questions and challenges?
You most likely already have a system for bookkeeping and payroll right now, but in the ever-changing world of business you have most likely heard there are more effective tools for putting the numbers to work for you. It is a time management software.

Why using a time management software is important for the company?

In business, it is always important to keep abreast of not only what is going on outside the company, but inside as well.
Let’s consider two examples: Company A and Company B. Both work in online retail business.
Company A does not use a time management system. Because of that, managers don’t have a clear understanding of how employees spend their working day, which tasks are in progress and can not make reasonable changes to increase the awareness of their brand online. As a result, rankings are 100+, brand recognition is low and managers manage employee time and talent the wrong way.
Company B uses a time management system. They have a clear understanding of employees’ working time and tasks in progress. This enables managers to set clear, achievable goals for employees. Team members in order feel happy because they know exactly what they are required to do and keep their working day under control. As a result, Company B gets higher recognition online, and responsibly, more profits.
Which option do you like more?

Why time management at the workplace is important?

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When employees control their work time better, they tend to gain more experience and faster. There's a reason some students graduate earlier than others, so imagine implementing time management throughout your entire company. Employees will be able to bring your company to success faster and become better professionals.

Creates proper work environment

When employees practice time management, they are less likely to procrastinate, which leads to increased productivity and order at the workplace. In a mean of time, the workplace habits transfer to the personal life and make us more efficient and organized on a daily basis.

Be more successful

Every employee wants to be successful and work his/her way up the career ladder. Time management is the key to success; it allows you to take control of your life rather than follow the flow of others. You accomplish more, you make better decisions, and you work more efficiently; this leads to a more successful life.

What are the features of a good time management software?

If you need a system to manage your numbers, you have to know what exactly you are looking for, as it will dictate the progress of your company:

  • web-based (installed and hosted online);
  • automated tracking and reporting;
  • email reporting;
  • available for Android and iOS;
  • unlimited users;
  • tracks billable, unbillable, overtime, flextime;
  • supports main paying systems;
  • customizable settings;
  • free web-based teaching materials;
  • available for all operating systems;
  • import capabilities;
  • export to CSV, Excel and PDF;
  • personal reports for employees.


If you are looking for a time management software, try out Yaware.TimeTracker. It has already helped thousands of companies to increase productivity and improve time management, and it fits all the criteria above.

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