Reveal time eaters with time management software

If you want to know how to eliminate time-eaters, you should primarily find out what they are. To help you with this, there’s a time management software.

The Importance of Using a Time Management Software

Time management systems are a great benefit of the 21st century both for businesses and personal users.
The reports that such systems generate give a clear understanding of time distribution and activities that consume this time. So, using a time management app, one can easily find out if the working time is productive or just busy.
Learning how to manage time has personal benefits too, because it teaches to be more productive and gives a better control of life.

Where Does Your Time Usually Go?

1) Breaks

Taking a break every once in a while is important, but excessive breaks hurt productivity. It is important to take right breaks at the right time.
With time management software, you can see how often and at what time you take breaks. Using this information you can detect which part of the breaks is necessary and which is excessive, and redistribute break time in a way that increases productivity.

2) Meetings

In fact, a company needs a meeting only once in two weeks. It is more than enough to get everybody up to date and discuss important topics. Additionally, a department should have a meeting once a week.
That is it. The chances are that all the other meetings that you have are unnecessary.

3) Helping co-workers

We all need help from time to time, but frequently, time spent helping the others or on someone else’s task takes more time than our own projects.
A time management software gives you a clear understanding of how much time it takes you to help the others.
If others take too much of your time, then you should learn to say no.

4) Email

You might be thinking right now: why is email a time-eater? Because you check it too often.
Checking the inbox is important only if every single email that you get is crucial for your business. In other cases, it is enough to set the time when you check your inbox, e.g. in between the tasks, or every two hours. Find the option that works best for you.

5) Social Media

It’s a well know fact that social media are a distraction. But, that’s it. We admit it, do nothing about it, and let our productivity sap.
With time management system, it’s much easier to take social media usage under control. If one is used at the workplace, it will give that right feeling of surveillance, that helps employees to develop self-control and discipline, and so, increase productivity.


Except for the points mentioned above, time management system provides and individual approach, so it is easy to determine the specific things that consume time.
Check out Yaware.TimeTracker – a time management software that generates simple visual reports for you and your employees. Start managing time better and increasing productivity right now!

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