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It`s easy to count profit that a sales manager brings. But it`s much harder to value the work of a marketing manager or an HR manager.
In order to understand how the work of every employee influences the company`s success, it is important to evaluate it.
Of course, every manager would like to have a program that would estimate the efficiency of work by itself.
Unfortunately, it doesn`t exist. But there is productivity tracking software that will make the estimation faster, easier and cheaper.

Yaware as productivity tracking software

Yaware was created as time tracking software but it can also help estimate employee productivity.

What does it mean?

Before spending time and resources on estimating employee productivity, it is better to know which employee is ineffective due to inefficient use of time.
Simply put, if you find out that the employee spends a lot of time on social networks, solving personal issues, coffee breaks and talks with colleagues, will you estimate their productivity? Of course not. It is quite clear that such employees are unproductive.
Yaware allows you to obtain such information.

How to estimate employee productivity using Yaware?

To value the efficiency of employee work, install Yaware on every computer that should be monitored. It will capture all activities and generate reports using the collected data.
Using these reports you can analyze staff performance and estimate the productivity of each employee.

Employee stats
Here we can see that Tanya Miller has spent a lot of time using non-work-related apps or websites and was quite often absent from the workplace.
Or let`s take a look at the “By time” report.
This report groups productive, neutral and unproductive time and total worked time into a table. So it becomes easy to control total worked time by custom periods (day/week/month).
Time table of employee's time
These are just two of the many reports that Yaware generates. Besides them, there are reports like: “Fouls” (late comings and leaving before time), “Activities Summary”, “By time”, etc. With their help, you can find out who is systematically late, who likes to leave before time, apps and websites that employees use when they work and what they do when they`re not at the computer.
In addition, there are ratings of employee productivity. They will help you to compare the work of all employees by custom period (day, week, month).
Rating of productive employees
Yaware gives you information to make preliminary conclusions on employee productivity. Knowing that the employees` work is not effective, it is possible to understand the reasons: maybe they don't have enough tasks, are bogged down with other activities or just prefer to spend time on personal issues?
Productivity tracking software will save you time and money that could be spent on determining the level of productivity of each employee.

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