Have you ever felt that there is so much work to do, that you don't know where to start? When you try to tackle tasks by priority, but each task is equally important? In order to move forward, you need to begin somewhere. Here are some planning tactics to become more efficient and reliable at work, as well as to limit interruptions and prevent time waste.

  • Make a to-do list using the Eisenhower Box. Write down all your work for the day and separate activities into important and urgent, important and non-urgent, not important but urgent, non-important and non-urgent.


  1. Tasks, that are in the 1st square have the highest priority and should be done first.
  2. In the 2d square the tasks that have to be planned otherwise they will be urgent.
  3. In the 3d square note down the task that you can delegate to.
  4. Reconsider the tasks that are in the 4th square, if they cannot be eliminated, move them to 3d square.
  • Set the value. If you are dealing with the clients, their issues become number one. And not reacting immediately can cause more problems than taking care of an issue immediately.
  • Be realistic. Do not set the goals that cannot be achieved in a timely manner. Otherwise you will get disappointed by the failure which doesn't help your productivity at all. After completing tasks at ease there is more enthusiasm for other activities.
  • Do not rush. Take your time to complete each task and activity the best way possible. Rushing through things can result in many mistakes. As a consequence, you will spend more time redoing the work that has already been done. You can even establish own professional standards to ensure the tasks are completed to the best of your ability.
  • Use a time tracker. You can increase own productivity by knowing how much time has been spent on a specific task, tracking online and offline activities. Yaware.TimeTracker is a great tool to be more efficient and know how much time is needed for each activity to be completed.

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