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When it comes to productivity, the only metric that really matters is time. While everyone has the same amount of time every day, someone manages to get pretty much more done during the day than others.
So what makes your team less productive? And can you do something to quickly find it out?
Chances are good that you already have at least several suggestions. Here’re 3 common productivity challenges you’re very likely to see at every workplace and how to address them with a time tracking application.

1. Technology that’s not working

Surely, it makes sense to use any tool that speeds up workplace productivity. One of the challenges is to figure out which tools are the right ones for your team.
Obviously, the best technology is the one that doesn’t hinder employees but helps them do their jobs faster and better and fill in productivity gaps. For example, the time tracking application provides valuable utility to your team by accurately tracking their real-time activities. It also helps them detect if the rest of tech works adequately and if it adds to their performance.

2. Confusing productivity with busyness

It’s easy to be busy; it’s way harder to be productive. Being productive is actually about doing less, not more. To be productive instead of busy, your team must use the right tools and plan effectively.
The time tracking application like Yaware.TimeTracker helps optimize time for each activity and balance the workload. This is a good alternative to squeezing as many tasks in your schedule as possible and this relates to real productivity, not just busyness.

3. Not setting deadlines

If there’s one thing that can undermine productivity, it’s the deadline that’s not set. There’ll be endless reasons why the task cannot be done today.
The first thing to do is figure out how long it really takes to perform that task (e.g., the time tracking application will show.) Next thing to do is assign the deadline taking the current workload into account. This way the deadlines are achievable and realistic.


There’s a whole variety of productivity challenges that sap your team’s performance. So part of your strategy should be figuring out how to stop tolerating them but start solving them immediately.

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