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Have you ever calculated how much overtime costs you? And not just in terms of money, but the emotional baggage it brings along to the team too?
Overtime is an important issue. In fact, it’s the one you can’t afford yourself to overlook. The outcomes can harm your business immensely – from higher payroll costs to disengaged employees.
So what can you do to effectively handle the overtime issue? Obviously, you need a quick, effective and hassle-free way. Ever considered a time and attendance tracking software? Here’s a closer look at how exactly it helps make your business into a well-functioning company where employees are productive and comfortable with their work.

The first thing to do with overtime

What’s really tricky about overtime is it can quickly spin out of control. Your employees occasionally work longer hours but no one seems to make a huge problem of it. However, this goes on and on and, what’s even worse, few people understand the scope.
The first thing you need to do is track the overtime. Obviously, an automatic solution is the best way to try. The data you get from it delivers just the right accuracy and clarity you need to understand the reasons and scope of overtime. For example, the time and attendance tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker helps you figure out the exact amount of overtime and address this issue immediately.

Some other good things about time and attendance tracking software

Additionally, time and attendance tracking software provides both you and your team with even more valuable benefits, in particular:

  • it’s scalable and cost-effective – you only pay for the employees who use the software;


  • it helps you eliminate manual calculations which are usually inaccurate and outdated;


  • HR staff will definitely find out their work has suddenly become simpler, no longer having to manually process the timesheets;


  • you can optimize schedules and balance the workload so your employees aren’t burned out and can effectively cope with their daily plans.



Smart and timely work takes both employees and managers a common effort. If the team works overtime, it’s clear that inefficiencies are underway and it’s better to bring them into an open discussion. With the time and attendance tracking software it’s way easier.

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