how to measure employee productivity

Do you know how to measure employee productivity to increase it? The internet offers various ways and methods for increasing productivity at the workplace. However, every company needs an individual approach.
Because most employees start their working day by turning on their computer, it is important to estimate how productively s/he uses the time working with it.
In this case, automatic productivity tracking is the best way to measure and increase productivity because it provides managers with transparent information about the performance of employees.

How to Measure Employee Productivity Using Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a simple to use productivity and time tracking software. It uses a simple principle to estimate quickly and aсcurately the productivity of employees’ work at the computer.
The software divides all websites and applications that employee uses during the day (including the time spent on them) into three categories:

  • productive (used daily to execute work tasks);
  • neutral (used occasionally or less related to work);
  • unproductive (distracting).

Yaware.TimeTracker also enables you to create individual settings. Such option allows you to measure employee productivity in the most accurate way possible.
To make this easier understand, you can make the same website or application productive for one department, but unproductive for another. Let’s say you can make the group with stock photos productive for marketing and web design, but unproductive for sales managers.
After collecting the necessary information, Yaware.TimeTracker generates simple visual reports, like this one:How to measure employee productivity: report on employee productivity

How to Increase the Productivity of Employees Using this Data?

See how employees spend their work time

By using the reports that Yaware.TimeTracker generates for you can see:

  • how much time each application/website consumes;
  • which resources interfere productivity;
  • who is under or overloaded;

A clear understanding of employees’ time and productivity enables managers to make informed decisions to improve their performance. E.g., having a clear picture of which employees are overloaded and those who have more free time, makes it possible to efficiently reallocate responsibilities, attributing them to the right employees.

Let employees see that too

Yaware.TimeTracker is a tool that benefits not only employers but also employees.
Every team member has a possibility to view his/her personal statistic on time and productivity, similar to the picture above.
Thanks to this report employees get a chance to decide what they could do to increase their personal productivity, and so, influence the performance of the whole department.


Assessing performance is important for every company, and now you know how to measure employee productivity quickly and efficiently. You also know why automatic assessment is better. So, don’t hesitate and try Yaware.TimeTracker for the success of your company.

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