The world of business has radically changed because of fast technology growth and Internet pervasiveness. It has significantly blended work and personal life, so it is no longer possible to draw a line between the two. Such circumstances present challenges to business owners concerned about how employees are spending the workday, and how best to measure their productivity.
The best way to increase the productivity of the company is to use a productivity tracker to estimate it first. Because the efficiency of the business mostly depends on its employees, it is important to understand exactly how employees spend their time and what the current level of productivity is.

Yaware.TimeTracker as a solution

Yaware.TimeTracker is a time tracking solution that except for time tracking also estimates employee productivity.
The principle is very simple. The database of a productivity tracker contains more that 15000 websites and resources, which are automatically categorised into three groups:

  • productive – ones that are used daily for an execution of duties;
  • neutral – ones that are rarely used or are less related to work;
  • unproductive – distracting, e.g. social media, recruitment websites, online games.

Along with capturing the productivity status of each application/website that the employee uses, Yaware.TimeTracker also records the duration of time spent on it.
As an advantage, the system is very customizable. You can create individual settings for specific employees or departments in general. This means that the application or website can have different productivity status for employees in different teams.
Thus, you can make stock photos websites and social media productive for marketing department because it is their area of work, and unproductive for the rest of employees.

Clear automatic reports for managers

Managers are the ones who have the last word on deciding which actions to take to increase employee productivity. But to know exactly what to do, you have to know how productive your employees are at the moment.
That’s why Yaware.TimeTracker generates clear visual reports that allow to assess employee and overall productivity.
You can look through the reports

  • by logging into your account;
  • by receiving reports on your email;
  • by using iOS/Android app.

So, wherever you are, you are always updated.

Daily personal statistics for employees

A productivity tracker like Yaware.TimeTracker also enables employees to increase their efficiency.
An employee can check the distribution of his/her time, see which resources s/he used during the day and their productivity status.
It also enables employees to determine the time spent on each task and according to it assess the efficiency of each task.


Are you sure your company reached the maximum of its possible efficiency? Why not check it with the help of productivity tracker like Yaware.TimeTracker?

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