How to increase employee productivity

Are you searching for ways to improve the workplace performance of your team and create higher business value? Happy workplace and increased ROI are important to everyone on the team. That’s why tried and tested advice that can help you figure out how to increase employee productivity is really valuable.
Here’re 3 actionable tips that will help your team reach excellent results they rightfully deserve.

Make sure Internet works for you

Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, lots of companies still think banning Internet at work is a good solution. In fact, this is one of the worst ways of motivating the staff. Because Internet is so great at providing information about everything it’d be crazy to simply ban it.
Instead, you can just track the time your team spends online and define which resources are productive for them beforehand. Advanced apps can help you with this. Now everyone sees how much time is spent on what and it’s possible to know precisely how much Internet adds to productivity.
So if you want your team to repeatedly grow and improve, restricting Internet use at the workplace is definitely not what you should do.

Measure day-to-day activities accurately

Just as you accurately keep records of your finances, marketing and sales, tracking employee productivity is a great way to grow your business. Simply put, in order to plan something you have to count it beforehand, right? Same goes with every workplace activity. The better you know the patterns of work of your team, the better you can figure out how to increase employee productivity.

It’s especially good if you’ve got historical data at your disposal. This way you can find the answers to the question “Why did we miss the project’s deadline in May while the same project was completed in time in March?” faster.

If you’re open about measuring performance, you can level up productivity of your team at the same time developing transparent and creative environment.

Besides measuring time and productivity is easier than you might expect. You can do this with Yaware.TimeTracker which records everything automatically.

Make every success appreciated

Next thing you’d like to do about your team’s productivity is making sure even the smallest achievements are rewarded. Again, you can easily check this out with the same time tracking software. Moreover, you can share these stats with the rest of your team. This way every effort is evaluated and you can consistently motivate your staff with their own success.

While there’re plenty of tools and advice on how to increase employee productivity, surely you’ll appreciate if they are simple to apply and actionable. That’s why you might as well try these three ways you’ve just read about.

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