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Internet addiction is the new disease of the 21 century and it is accepted as a mental disorder.
Internet addiction disorder (IAD) comes in many forms. But altogether is stands for a developed attachment to an online world.
It is very easy to detect someone who’s developed such an addiction. They spend more time with their computer than with people, they are always on their phone checking Instagram or Twitter, they would rather stay home and what Netflix than go out with friends.
But why should you bother? Because, Internet addiction doesn’t just magically disappear once the person walks in the office. So, IAD affects the productivity, and you should bother.

How to check if employees spend too much time on social media using productivity software?

You can’t spend the whole day watching whether employees use social media or not. First of all, because you will not have any time left for your daily activities, and second because you automatically turn to be the “bad policeman”. You don’t want that, do you?
There is a much more efficient way that allows you and your employees keep the Internet distractions under control – productivity software.
As productivity software combines many tools, we’ll be specific – the time tracking and management part.
What does time tracking give you? A clear understanding of how employees spend time online, which employees spend way too much time unproductively.
What does time tracking give to employees? Data that accurately depicts their day, including achievements and losses.  
Why using a time tracking system is the best option for companies? Because:

  • looking through the reports that the software generates will give you much more information than any other method.
  • productivity software gives employees the feeling of your presence. So, after you implement such a tool, the productivity of the majority of employees will grow naturally.
  • using the tracking data you can develop an appropriate Internet usage policy, that will work best for your company.
  • using an automatic system you get permanent records, i.e., you can check the dynamic of employees’ work, see whose performance has improved and whose hasn’t.

Sounds interesting? Yaware.TimeTracker is a great time tracker, regardless the number of employees that you have. It automatically estimates employees’ productivity depending on Internet use and allows you to adjust the productivity status of Internet resources in accordance with employee’s duties.
So, you can customize the system and check the reports to see which employees abuse the possibilities of office Wi-Fi.

In conclusion

Even though social media is not always a major distraction, you have to keep it under control during work time. Time tracking software is the best helper because it does the hardest – collects the information, so all that’s left to you is analyze and take actions.

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