how to delegate tasks

Have you tried every productivity hack in the book and reached the maximum capacity in terms of output? Then, you definitely need an outside help to get to a new level. Of course, there can be hesitations and concerns, and they are valid. Have you thought about how to delegate tasks with success? Delegating tasks is really worth a candle and with right systems this process can run smoothly. To avoid the pitfalls like creating more work by people, who were supposed to help, you should follow these simple strategies:

Specify employee`s activities and timelines before hiring

Before you hire a person specify exactly what this employee should do. “Help with different administrative tasks” is not enough for description of job responsibilities. First, consider specific activities and outcomes, such as “organizing offsite events” and “communicating with partners”. Defining what exactly the person should do, will help you to look for an employee with the right set of skills. After that, estimate the time you think these activities should take. However, plan for some more time than these tasks would take you, since you are the Pro.
Finally, make it clear if you need someone to help you for the whole week, or in certain hours. As sometimes the assistance is essential, only when you are on holidays, or going to attend a conference.

Teach a person, you have hired

No matter, how qualified or eager to learn the person is, he/she will need instructions in order to work properly. So, slow down and explain the action steps needed for each assignment.
Remember, even the smartest employee without knowing the ropes will fail. Note, delegate, but do not abdicate.

Determine communication channels and timing

Interruption during the day with questions even when they are related to work have a negative impact on your productivity. So, it is very important to establish an appropriate for both sides communication rhythm. That means new employee can get instructions at the time that is included in manager`s schedule. The next action, that needs specification is communication channel. You can choose from e-mail, chat, phone or in-person meeting.

Give frequent feedback

Don’t wait till your disappointment with the new employee work grows, till you`re ready to fire him/her. Give a feedback as often as possible to specify the areas where improvements are needed. Set up meetings to discuss what is working fine and what is not. Also, you should share your ideas for enhancements instead of giving blanket judgments.

Use a time tracker

It is very easy to get lost in many tasks you have delegated. So, you need a tool to calculate the time that employee spends on various activities and estimate his/her productivity. Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with all above possibilities and additionally offers attendance control and tracking of offline activities.

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