Successful businessmen share the belief that the company is not the office, location or products, no matter how cool they might be. In fact, it is the people behind it who make the difference. Therefore, when the need for new hires arises, for many company executives this means a lot of very serious thinking, because they correctly assume that bringing new people is one of the crucial decisions that can change the perspective of their business.
Frequently, the personality of the new team member means no less than qualifications, especially for high-level positions. This brings up the necessity to form an image of the new hire before even starting the search. However, some of the qualities are indispensable for virtually any position, and ensure successful cooperation in the majority of cases.
Qualities to look for in a job candidate.
Positive attitude
Optimistic people are generally easier to work with and more likeable. They are seldom stopped by hardships and have the ability to “infect” others with their attitude, making a great addition to any team.
Healthy perfectionism
People that believe in excellence not only demonstrate it by themselves, but also expect and demand it from others. They won’t go for mediocrity and continuously strive towards improvements and success. This feature is especially important for executive-level positions.
Inner strength
This quality helps overcome adversities and remain cool during crises. It makes a person determined never to give up in the face of difficulties and make well-weighted decisions even when everything around them is on fire.
Open-minded candidates are easy to tell by their being free from stereotypes, well-read and having diverse life experiences behind. They’re open to learning and adopting new things, as well as ready to share their knowledge with others and provide a fresh look at the usual things.

How to hire the right people?

Once you determine what is your ideal candidate, it’s time to go about finding one. Here, there are no trivial things, thus it would be wise to devise a plan and stick to it. Below, you’ll find the helpful tactics to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.
Hire with perspective in mind.
It would be a wise thing to create a company growth chart and indicate potential hiring needs and vacancies that will appear as the business progresses. This will allow to be well prepared before hiring and have enough time to find the perfect candidate, instead of rushing to fill in the position that opened up unexpectedly.
2. Make use of referrals.
Seeking for a new team member, especially when it comes to high-level positions, one of the first things you should do is involve people you trust by asking their recommendations. Having a direct referral can save you lots of time and efforts.
3. Involve professionals
It is best if everyone is doing what they know how to do. So, if recruiting is not your strongest point, entrust this task to pros, like recruiting agencies. This not only saves your time, but also prevents wasting time for not quite suitable candidates. It is also a good addition to asking for recommendations from the people you know, since recruiters have experience in vetting candidates and have deep insight into the industry.
4. Test your candidates
It is a common practice to use assessments when interviewing prospective candidates to complement the overall picture, and it is of high importance for executive-level candidates. Moreover, you can also evaluate their productivity and style of work by using a time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker.
For instance, by installing the time tracker for candidates on probation you will be able to learn the following about them:

  • punctuality (the time tracking app shows the time of starting and finishing work);
  • time management skills (it shows performance on the computer, including all software and websites used, plus duration);
  • productivity (based on the ratio of productive/unproductive resources used);
  • concentration (the service records all breaks and their duration, with the option to request for their reason).

Surely, you should allow for the novelty and possibly even stress that a newcomer undergoes during the first days. Still, with the time tracking app info at hand it will be much easier to make the final decision and ensure you’re hiring the right candidate. Moreover, is a kind of insurance against financial losses in case of the mismatched hire that will soon need to be replaced.


Yaware.TimeTracker can be equally useful for your potential employees as well as for existing ones, and you can easily make sure for yourself by using it for free during the 14-day trial. Registration and installation are a breeze and won’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

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