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Who doesn’t love that feeling of getting all tasks accomplished? When you go home absolutely relaxed and satisfied.
Sadly, our offices are full of distraction that might interfere the ability to focus and get things done.
So, here are some of the common office distractions that you have to be aware of in order to help employees stay productive and ways that an automatic time tracking software can help you with that.  


Email can easily turn into a time-eater for one main reason: instant notifications. Once it pops, you immediately switch from what you are currently doing and go to see what the email’s got for you.
And even if you don’t switch immediately, the fact that the email pops and distracts you, gets you off the track. What you could do is switch off the notifications, but let’s be honest, who will do that when we’re afraid to miss any email, no matter if it is important or not.
And if you think about it, there is a good reason for keeping notifications on.

Social media and Entertainment websites

All employees spend some time on social media, fun blogs and websites. The difference is how much time each of them spends on such web-resources.  
According to last year’s survey from, 89% of surveyed employees admitted that they waste time at work. But don’t rush to Google and search for website banning apps, because 31% of employees waste 30 to 1 hour a day, which is absolutely fine, because we all need distractions from time to time.
What should be an alert is the fact that 16% of employees waste 2 hours a day, which is more that an acceptable norm.
And guess where do employees waste their time. No, not Facebook. It’s Google.


Can you imagine an office without employees chatting? We can’t. And it would be some terrible kind of office.
However, an innocent chin wag can turn into a long discussion and take way too much of employees’ time.  
As following, employees have no other choice except for staying late to get the work done on time, which if repeated often hurts their productivity.


“Wait, what?” – that’s what you might be thinking right now.
Quite a long time ago meetings became one of the top time-eaters at work. Sadly, it is true, because most employees are asked to attend meetings that don’t apply to them.
According to The Guardian, a single executive meeting arranged once a week takes 300,000 hours a year. Including the time that it takes for a head of each unit to get ready for the meeting.
In most cases, meetings are called to discuss things, but nowadays all you wanted to announce or discuss can be easily fit into an email.

How does automatic time tracking software help cope with distractions?

An automatic time tracking software can do the following things for you and your employees:
1) Track time
2) Track Internet and software use
3) Monitor offline activities and define offline activities
All of these help to better analyze time and performance, and so improve it and eliminate distractions.  

1) How to cope email?

With Yaware.TimeTracker, each employee, gets a personal report that allows to see how much time one spends on email.

2) How to cope Internet distractions?

Using the reports that the time tracking software generates you can see which units or employees spend the most time on social media, forums, etc., and find out the specific websites that distract employees from work.

3) How to manage meetings better?

Use an automatic time tracking software that allows to monitor offline activities. This way you get a fuller picture of employees’ working time, including meetings. See how much time each employee spends on meetings and how they apply to him/her.
And using Yaware.TimeTracker employees don’t have to log in the time spent on a meeting or switch the timer to another task. The time tracker automatically captures the time that employees spend away from the computer.


Forewarned is forearmed. So, now you know what the common distraction are and how automatic time tracking software helps you coppe them. So, don’t hesitate. Get started right now!

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