How to motivate staff

Examination and interpretation of information concerning what motivates us as human beings to work is a centuries-old puzzle. However, many researches that have already been done, brought some light into the topic. One of them denies the theory, that money equals happy employees. Of course, money will always be a major motivation for employees. But the additional remuneration is not always the key to employee motivation. It is because the received bonuses are quickly spent and then, simply get forgotten.

So, how to motivate employees in different than monetary incentives ways? Here are the methods, that will help to boost employees motivation and productivity:

  1. Recognition. Recognizing employees for specific achievements or for ongoing contributions is an excellent way to let them know they are valued. Moreover, attention to workers does not cost your company a cent.
  2. Time Off. You can hold competitions, where employees can win a 15 or 30 min time off, additional breaks or extended lunch breaks. Set goals, and when they`re achieved, reward employees or an employee with a time off. As the result you will get tasks done faster and more efficiently, and happy employees.
  3. Trainings. In case people are eager to learn and develop, it is a sign that a company hired well. Trainings particularly for departments, workgroups and teams can help to improve work quality and productivity. As a consequence, employees feel happier in their work and are more excited about the prospects of success.
  4. Good work environment. The following factor is really important for employees: the look of the office, comfortable furniture, the right temperature. A positive work environment influences people and makes them feel good about coming to workplace, and this sustains the motivation throughout the day.
  5. Team spirit. It`s a fact, that employees who feel themselves as a part of a team, are more efficient and productive. You can develop the team spirit by holding competitions, practicing team building exercises and games, arranging offsite events. What team spirit creates in ordinary individuals are extraordinary individuals who are engaged, self-motivated to get tasks done quickly and efficiently.
  6. Flexible Schedule. Employees who work flexible schedules are not only more satisfied with their job, they also work more intensely. What is core reason of this phenomenon? It is simply some kind of reward to the employer from the worker for a freedom to choose when to work.

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