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If you are completely satisfied with the results of your business' performance, then there's definitely something wrong with it. Being completely satisfied means you've stopped looking for weak spots and ways of improvement. Accordingly, in some time, your business will miss out by relying on old trends while the others will win over your customers using cutting edge techniques.
The situation with workforce productivity pretty much the same – no matter what measures have already been taken to improve it, there’s always a way to do more. So, in this post, we listed recommendations for increasing employee productivity that require little time and money investments and provide awesome results in return.

Things you should do to increase employee productivity

Do #1: Ensure transparency and integrity within your company

Without a doubt, you strive to build trust with your clients and company policies are directed at demonstrating integrity in all spheres. This approach helps to retain your customers and gain new ones.
Similarly, it works with your employees. From the moment they become a part of your team, they need to believe in what you’re doing. It is important the operations that rely on your staff are transparent, as it promotes trust and respect towards management. In its turn, this atmosphere is beneficial for each employee and enhances overall work productivity.

Do #2: Encourage teamwork

Working in groups has a lot of positive aspects even aside from productivity boost. First of all, it is an excellent chance for team members to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Secondly, it fosters collaboration instead of competition among the team members.
Finally, it promotes communication and friendly atmosphere among employees, which helps them do more during the same time.

Do #3: Let them know company goals

Higher efficiency means the chance of reaching the goals before the set deadline. However, employees should be well informed of the general company goals, as well as their personal ones, which make up a part of a big common contribution. Moreover, it is a good idea to have these written down so that employees are constantly reminded of where they are going, and certain milestones along the way should be marked and celebrated to foster the sense of achievement.

Do #4: Take care of your employees

Remember, that your employees make up your company, and are its most valuable asset. With this in mind, look through your policies to make sure they are created to make your staff members feel comfortable and secure. It is crucial that everyone is treated fairly and no preferences are given to individual team members. When your workers feel you care about them, they will return it by working harder and more diligently.

Do #5: Use a time tracker to measure productivity

Time tracker software is not only an excellent means of evaluating how efficient your employees are, but also boosting their productivity.
It monitors the computer performance, like resources used, breaks taken and their duration, and controls attendance. Time tracking service like Yaware.TimeTracker also automatically categorizes all websites and software used as productive, unproductive and neutral. Based on this data, it provides an assessment of each employee efficiency, so it’s easy to see who’s making the best progress and who might need extra motivation.
Moreover, employees can improve their self-control skills thanks to the personal stats that they receive.

Things that don't help you increase employee productivity

Don't #1: Save money on work environment

Don't expect high productivity if the office is too cold, hot or noisy. There are some physical aspects that affect employees' efficiency, and you can't neglect them!
Along with that, it's hard to imagine someone being productive, if their computer is outdated, broken, has not enough capacity or there is no necessary software on it. .
Make sure to invest your money into a good office, furniture and equipment, and you are half way to having productive employees.

Don't #2: Indulge the managers

Team leaders are the mediators between you and your employees, as well as they are employees' representatives. Aside from professional experience, they should possess strong interpersonal and managerial skills to be able to lead their subordinates in the right direction.
Appointing incompetent or unfair people might significantly affect the performance within the team. Therefore, make sure you carefully select candidates to be managers and provide their continuous training.

Don't #3: Neglect rewards

Successful companies establish reward systems that promote valuable skills and behaviour and serve as a great incentive to reach the set goals and self-improve. To increase employee productivity, rewards should correspond the achievements, and given only for what is worth repeating, otherwise, they will hinder the progress or be of no use.
Having a clear system lets each employee know what s/he can get by reaching a certain milestone, and what s/he should do for it. Don’t make the system too rigid – let it evolve and change along with your goals, but make sure employees are always aware of the slightest alterations.

In conclusion

All of the listed recommendations are easy to implement. And the best way to track your progress is using Yaware.TimeTracker to see how fast the productivity of your employees grows. Simply complete a short sign up form and get the full package for the unlimited number of users at no cost for 14 days. There’s no better time to start positive changes than right now!

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