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If you want to make your work enjoyable, managing your time effectively is among the first things you should pay attention to. Everybody is pressed for time. However, instead of being mechanical in planning the daily work, it’s way better to stay thoughtful and always question yourself if something can be faster and more efficiently.
Time management is not about scheduling your work down to the second. It’s about simplifying it, freeing up time for inspiration and preventing stress.
Below are a few tips on how to successfully master your time with the time management app like Yaware.TimeTracker which you’ll definitely find useful.

Explore the patterns of your work – the time management app will help

If you want to manage your time better, the first thing to do is to observe how you work. The time management app will deliver you precise figures on:

  • which activities take you longer than they should;


  • which of them you’re really good and quick at;


  • whether you have any time gaps;


  • what distracts you most of all and which activities you should eliminate.

This way you do less guesswork and don’t waste time on empty suggestions. Fact-based feedback is always the best way to make decisions.

Get rid of unrealistic expectations

Perfectionism is a sure way to hold you back from growing. Checking, re-checking and one last checking can take hours, adding little value to the final results. More often than not, perfectionism just leads to burnout, ruins a sense of achievement and leaves no time for the rest of your work.
Having high standards of performance is great; but make sure they are not too high and really make sense. The time management app will show you your strong and weak points. What is strong you can further develop, and what is weak you can improve – it takes just that.

More important now, less important later

When you’re tired, you start focusing on less important things because they take less energy and focus. That’s why make sure you start your day with the most important and urgent tasks. You’ll also see you can make them faster and better.
In turn, the time management app will help you plan and schedule better and show you your most and least productive hours. You will be able to organize your work in a way best to your productivity and make the most of your productive hours.
There’s plenty of techniques to help you develop good time management skills. The time management app from Yaware.TimeTracker is by far one of the easiest and most effective.

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