Work hour tracker to change the way your company spends breaks

We all know that working eight hours straight and keeping productivity at its peak is impossible. Vice versa, the most productive people are those who take frequent breaks.
Employees need rest, and not only at night, so breaks are directly related to their productivity.

How work hour tracker can help increase employee productivity?

First of all, it gives you valuable insights.
By tracking time, you can find out which employees take the least breaks or don’t take them at all. Are those employees often look tired, irritable, unfocused and don’t make contributions to team activities? Encourage such employees to take breaks more frequently, and you will see their output and productivity grow.
Second of all, you can use the reports that a work hour tracker generates to change the way staff spends break time.
E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker allows to track offline activities, including breaks. See when most employees within the department take breaks and make this time interesting and special.
Using a work hour tracker you can also find out if social media is a beloved way of employees to unwind. If so, encourage them to change that, e.g., by doing some of the things listed below.

What are some good ways to spend break time?

Take a walk outside

Going out for a walk or spending some time with nature reduces stress and enhances the mood of employees. If your company can afford to have own little garden, then do so. In the world of technology, nature contact is what we need the most.

Workplace or group workout

Make it either a part of a corporate culture or just encourage exercises at the workplace.
Exercising makes our body and mind distract and сheer. Even a five or ten-minute workout releases endorphins and provides a better blood circulation all over the body.
So, employees feel more awake, energized and productive.


Break time is a great opportunity for teams to communicate and either discuss work issues or get to know each other better. Anyways communication is a great way to switch to another activity.


Work hour tracker gives you the most important – insights. From here, you are free to use the tips recommended in the article or using the information find methods that work the best way for your company.

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