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It seems that the world is obsessed with productivity. Everybody from students to CEO’s are looking for ways, methods and tools to work better or make their business more efficient.
With a proper productivity software at your fingertips, you or your company can achieve a lot more in a shorter period of time. But does anyone know what exactly productivity software is?
It is a software that is aimed to help an individual produce something, like document, image, video, music, etc. fast and easy way.
There are only two types of productivity software: personal and office. Office apps are supposed to help every single employee do their work better while personal are used solely for our everyday benefits.
In this article, we present you some of the best and widely used apps that will help to increase employee and business efficiency.

Google Drive and Docs

productivity software
These two are great for both small and big companies. It offers most of the features of MS Office and Dropbox, but the great thing is – it’s free.
Moreover, they make file and document sharing much simpler and faster. All files are stored in the cloud, so there’s no need to email a file. The employee can send a direct link to a presentation, document and even folder.
Google Docs allows to make documents private or share it with others and work on them together. Users can leave comments, suggest changes and talk within the Google Docs chat.
So, the  main benefit of Google Docs to MS Office:

  1. It’s free
  2. Does not require installation
  3. Make document sharing fast and simple.

And the benefits of Google Drive are:

  1. 16 GB of free storage
  2. Ability to upload photos, videos, audio files and share them with the others.
  3. Mobility. Employees can access the files from their smartphone or if they work from home.


productivity software
Need a tool to help you manage employee time and schedules?
That’s what Yaware.TimeTracker is created for. It tracks the time that employees spend working at the computer and provides managers with:

  • the full picture of the working day of each employee;
  • productivity insights;
  • single electronic timesheet that logs worked time automatically.
  • summary of offline activities.

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you can optimize the work of everybody in the company, as well as optimize the overall workflow. Using this app you get to automatically track employees’ working time, and so calculate payroll more accurately. In addition, you get a tool that allows to improve discipline, because you see how often employees are late or leave work early.
There are a lot of great things that this app can do for you, so just check it out during a 14-day trial.


Mention is a tool that helps marketers monitor the Internet for the things that matter to their company.
Any business that works online has a set of keywords that define what type of content they create, which audience they target, etc.
Mention makes the life of marketers hundred times simpler. The app automatically finds the blog post, conversations on forums, tweets, post on Facebook, etc. according to specified keywords.
Marketers can use Mention as a team. Let’s say the CMO set the necessary keywords and settings, and then s/he can share it with the co-workers to save their time and as a part of task management.
You can sign up for a 14-day trial, check out all the features and decide if you like it or not.

Google Calendar

productivity sofware
What is the one way that an employee will never forget about a meeting or that s/he has to make a phone call? If the calendar will pop a notification about it.
Google Calendar is great not only for managing company events but for the productivity of each employee.
Some people even have their whole working day on Google Calendar, and guess what, they find it simple and efficient.
So, use this tool to manage meetings, negotiations


productivity software
If you still haven’t learnt how to use Photoshop, there is an application that allows you do all the basic things with minimum effort.
Snagit is user-friendly image editor. It is more advanced than Paint but less stuffed than Photoshop.
It is perfect if you need to quickly trim, resize, apply a signature, etc.
Using it you can also make screenshots, and instantly edit them. It can even take shots of long vertical web pages.
So, useful, but not overly packed with different options. That is Snagit.

In conclusion

So here are some of the best productivity software. What apps do you use that help your business stay efficient?

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