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What are the things that impact employee productivity? There are so many answers, but all of them have a different meaning and power. Some seemingly insignificant details might actually affect your employees greatly.
Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to help you improve employee productivity. If you’re still not doing some of these, then start right after you read this article.

Streamline the way you assign projects/tasks

If your company does not have a unified way of assigning projects and tasks, then you will most likely get an outcome, different from the desired. To avoid that, create an instruction on assigning tasks for different departments/employee positions.
An instruction outlines specific criteria that an assignor has to mention for a successful execution of a task.
You save the time of the assignee on asking additional questions and ensure the right outcome.

Paint your office in different colors

Colors affect our mind and mood.
Every color affects us in a different way, some power our productivity and some hinder it greatly. E.g., blue is considered a productive for accountants and IT-department. Green creates a nice, balanced atmosphere. Orange and yellow power the creativity, so it is a great color for copywriters or web designers.
But it’s not only the color that matters but also its saturation. You might choose the right color, but make it too bright or dark.
Take your time when designing the office. Employees spend there 8 hours daily, so make it a place they want to be.

Relax on Internet distractions

Recent studies show that letting your employees spend some time on social media actually increases their productivity
To maintain employee productivity, use a time tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker. It helps to monitor the Internet use and make sure that it doesn’t turn into a productivity training hole.

Provide training and play games

The best way to improve employee productivity is to provide a responsive training.
By investing in employee training, you also make an investment in your company, because you get a highly qualified specialist, who can do the job faster and better.
Except for that, play games with your employees. But not just any games, special ones, that help to improve team spirit and develop different types of thinking.
It is not only a fun way to take a break or hold a meeting, but it’s also a path to building a nice relationship between you and employees.

Give advice and answer questions

Comment employees’ work, let's know what is good and what needs improvement. Answer the questions when asked staff to help you in difficult situations.
Share your experience. It is food for thought and inspiration for solving problems faced by employees.


Now you got a list of five simple, yet important things to do to improve employee productivity. Practice them and adjust according to your needs.

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