Improved employee time management

The expression “time is money” is true as never before for any professional service company. And employees’ time is the most valuable asset that a company could have. So, you have to manage it with care.
If you were making a living by selling diamonds, you would most probably build a secured facility to keep those diamonds. Surprisingly, most companies do not protect their employees’ time.
The reason employee time management is so important is because it affects every facet of your business.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Employee Time Management Within Your Company

Provide computer training

Great computer skills are vital nowadays. Sometimes instead of calling for sysadmin, it is much faster and easier to resolve the simple issues by one’s own.
Besides, knowing different keyboard shortcuts makes navigating between windows much simpler and faster.

Teach your managers to delegate

If the task does not require a full attention or expertise of a manager, then let one delegate. It is one of the cornerstones of effective employee time management.
Even though it seems much faster to “do it yourself”, such statement is counterproductive because it makes the manager take more responsibilities that s/he is capable of taking.
Delegating lower priority tasks delivers free time for more important tasks and give the opportunity for others to reveal themselves.

Train organisational skills

You can improve employee time management skills by training organisational skills. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional coach. It begins with the smallest things, like keeping a workplace organized.
Also, practice team building games. They help employees to organise their cooperation in a way the solves a certain problem.

Use a time management software

When you are looking for ways to improve the time management skills within the company, the simplest way to do that is to use an automated time management system, e.g. Yaware.TimeTracker.
It allows the executives to see how the employees use their working time and take that into account when building individual and corporate plans.

Improve the planning skills within the company

Planning is another cornerstone of effective time management. Beginning with an individual plan for every employee and ending with corporate plans and goals.
Teach employees and managers to prioritize tasks and always track their output. If come activities have no result, then you should plan the time for another one.


Improving employee time management takes only 5 simple steps, so get started with them right now!

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