Factors that Influence Employee Productivity

There are so many things that impact employee productivity. And it’s absolutely natural because we’re all human beings, and we depend on the weather, the work conditions, our health, mood, etc.
But, if you’re expecting this article to be about mental or physical factors, then we got some good news for you. Here are five specific factors that every organization should take into account, that relate to management, technology and strategy.

1) Hello! There’s a technology revolution going on

It is a fact that most organizations underutilize the software that they pay for or don’t use enough tools to provide higher productivity.
A healthy proactive employee can quickly become an average office worker if s/he does not have enough resources to fulfill his/ her energy and initiative. In today’s work environment, a productive marketer, for example, is the one who has enough tools to analyze and manage. If s/he has accurate information that can be accessed anytime, then s/he has higher potential.
So, nowadays it’s all about automation. It makes no sense to continue manually collect and create when a single app could do that.  

2) Proper attitude is the key

It doesn’t take a team of consultants to figure out that employees who are treated the right way are more productive.
Yet attitude is many-sided.
E.g., it does matter if you give feedback on the suggestions that employees make. It does matter that you also respect the private life of your staff and accept the fact that they can’t think about work 24/7.
Attitude is also how you praise employees’ work (if you praise it all).
All of this matters for employees to feel happy, needed and motivated, and, as a result, more productive.

3) Outsourcing and delegating

Outsourcing nowadays is one of the ways to increase employee productivity. By delegating the work that does not require special skills, you free up the time of in-house employees for more specific and more important activities.
Besides the remote employees can do the typical work better, so you also improve the eventual result, and so, the profits and reputation of your company.

4) Bosses are the barriers

This is the last thing that you might think about when considering employee productivity. Bosses can be the barriers to their employees.
If someone out of your managers gives bad comments, does not keep promises to employees or simply is not respected by the staff, then don’t surprise the poor motivation and productivity.
A good manager does not concentrate on the bad stuff. A good supervisor motivates, inspires and appreciates the performance of his/her staff.
It is backed by science that employees who have a good connection with their supervisor have the will to do that little extra and make things right.

5) Time tracking is a must

If you’re looking for methods to increase employee productivity, begin with time. The reasons why deadlines are missed are because employees don’t know how to manage it properly, or managers don’t have objective data about the workload, so they can’t plan the activities properly.
Using an automatic time tracking software managers can see which employees are overloaded, which employees have more free time, what and how influences the productivity.
Using Yaware.TimeTracker in particular, managers can see if social media are a distraction to employees, as well as employees can see how much time they use unproductively.
So, time tracking gives your company valuable insights that can improve the planning, time management and productivity.

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