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High productivity in the workplace is the key to your business growth. Every company wants to have a team of high performers but how often do they explore their productivity practices and seek for ways to improve?
Every task can be done better and faster – with the right tools and approach it’s easy. That’s why you should do your best to make them available to your team as soon as possible.
In case you’re asking yourself how you can increase employee productivity and speed up your business growth, below are 3 simple techniques to foster a productive mindset across your company.

1) Create a comfortable workplace

As obvious as this may sound, a comfortable workplace does enhance employee performance. In fact, this is the first step to take if you want to help your team work smarter.
There are various ways to make your office a much better place to work and increase employee productivity. For example, you can improve physical surrounding (lightning, colors, temperature, etc.). There’s plenty of studies that confirm the positive impact of even the slightest positive change in physical setting so it’s definitely worth trying.
Next way you can grow productivity is making sure your office is equipped with useful facilities and latest devices. This way you can speed up performance and decision-making and manage your work on the go.

2) Automatically track the time to increase employee productivity

Tracking the time is a simple, yet powerful way to enhance performance. Where the time goes? Is it productive? Which activities can be done faster? What distracts you most of all?
If you ever struggled to find answers to these questions, a good option to consider is to track the time automatically, e.g. with Yaware.TimeTracker. Not only you will save time and costs (as you don’t have to track the time manually) but will also always have fresh and precise stats on your team’s performance at your disposal.

3) Avoid the time and productivity gaps

Once you track your time, it’s way easier to increase employee productivity and avoid time gaps which are taking away your best working hours.
In order to avoid time and productivity gaps you can plan and schedule better. In turn, to make sure that planning and scheduling are effective you need to figure out the most productive routine both for you and your team. Again, here’s where the time tracking helps a lot as it will provide you with an accurate real-time stats on productivity.
If you’d like to see your business thriving and your employees happy and productive, these ways will definitely help.

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