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How do companies of all sizes boost productivity? High productivity means not only great performers on a team but also consistent employee loyalty and strong work ethics. So it’s really essential for any business to figure out how to turn staff into bright individuals in a way that will benefit both them and the company.

Here’re 3 proven ways to increase employee productivity any company can try.

1. Track the time to make it work for you

How do you know that all that time you and your team spent working is really productive? People are often complaining that there’s not enough time. However, it’s not about the shortage of time but it’s use. It doesn’t really matter how long you work. It’s how exactly you work – what tools you use, how long it takes you to perform typical tasks, etc.

If you don’t track your time, you lack a fact-based feedback on your performance. In which case it’s really difficult to know what slows you down and what you need to improve. A great way to avoid this lag between your real performance and what you think is your real performance is a time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker.

This app will show everything you need to know about personal and team productivity, e.g. stats on:

  • time and attendance;
  • Internet and software use;
  • overtime;
  • flextime.
  • 2. Increase employee productivity through training and education

    Unless you know how to do something faster and better, you can’t do it faster and better, can you? The best way to speed up performance in your company is to make learning an on-going process. A lot of business owners are reluctant to assign more time for training at the expense of current work because it’s not going to bring immediate profit.

    The training should teach your staff to perform their current work more effectively. It must also prepare them to the looming changes in their jobs so they can further stay productive too.

    So part of your strategy should be figuring out how to stop your staff from being busy performing ineffective tasks. Instead, you can free up some time for them so they can learn those ways to be effective and productive.

    3. Empower your team

    Giving your staff authority to make decisions on their work is a great way to increase employee productivity. If they can suggest any improvements regarding their work, why not to let them give it a try? This way you can increase loyalty and foster engagement.

    It’s also a great way to let your staff feel appreciated and trusted. They feel greater responsibility and motivation to perform the tasks better. At the same time you can still guide them and provide them with advice.

    Productive employees do not naturally appear on a team out of the blue. That’s why your business and your team will benefit greatly if you constantly seek for actionable ways to increase employee productivity. Useful apps like Yaware.TimeTracker will be a great point to start.

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