3 Lessons You will Learn Using A Productivity Tracker

The most valuable asset of any company is its productive and motivated employees. Both of these terms are individual, because the same methods may work otherwise for different people.
A great way to find an individual approach to increasing efficiency is to use a productivity tracker.
It is a simple software that uses categorization of websites and applications that an employee utilizes during the day into productive, unproductive and neutral to assess work productivity.
The benefits of using such system are that it’s automatic, and you can customize the categorization settings, according to employee’s position. I.e. departments use different apps and websites, accordingly, the productivity statuses of recourses will differ.
Except for that, here are some lessons that a productivity tracking software could teach you:

1) Who needs more or less workload

Employees can not stay productive if they are overloaded or underutilized. In the first case, employees will quickly burn out. In the second case, employees will not be able to self-actualize an be useful for the company.
Using a productivity tracker you can find out who stays late at the office doing work stuff and employees that are underutilized. Using this information you can reconsider employees’ plans and redistribute the workload, so all staffers are not overwhelmed and engaged.

2) How to appreciate and motivate employees

As we all know, productive employees are always motivated. It makes them want to go an extra mile for the success of the company. But how do you know which employees need more or less motivation.
A reporting function of a productivity tracking software enables managers to assess the motivation of employees and determine team members which are motivated or not.
Motivated employees stay focused during the day and use work related apps and websites. These employees are precious, and appreciation of their work from your side is crucial. Letting them know that you notice their effort, and most importantly rewarding that effort is the guarantees that you have a long-run employee in your company.
Unfortunately, unmotivated employees happen. Many companies has them. It is important to detect such team members and turn their negative mind to positive.
Using the reports of a productivity tracker you can see which employees are distracted more than the others. Most likely they are unmotivated and feel unengaged. If you find such, talk to them, find out what worries them and if there’s something they would like to improve in their performance.

3) How to manage employee time better

Time is money. Time of employees is the money of the company, so it is important that there is minimum time wasted or managed wrong.
A productivity tracker allows to find out how much time employees spend on each activity. And if you can measure, you can manage.
Knowing the exact distribution of employee’s time, you can build better, realistic, achievable plans, keep all employees employed but not overloaded.


By tracking employee productivity, you get the most important thing: information, which you can use in further to improve the performance of your company correctly.
Productivity tracker is a simple way to assess productivity quickly, accurately, without spending too much time.

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