Friday 26th June 2015 – San Diego, California – Yaware, a Ukrainian based developer of business productivity software, released updates of a time tracking app Yaware.TimeTracker. Updates were conducted according to suggestions of customers about how to make the use of the system more convenient, time and productivity tracking more efficient.
Updates of the service include a new report “By Application”, possibility to export reports to Excel and move employees from inactive to active group in just a few clicks.

Tracking employee time down to the second

The new report “By Applications” enables users to track employee time down to the second. Let’s say an employee has been working with MS Office for 20 min and then switched to Chrome for 3 second. Yaware.TimeTracker will capture those 3 seconds and show them in the report.
In general the report allows to :

  • track the sequence in which employees use resources;
  • find out how often employees switch between tasks;
  • identify and eliminate “time eaters”.

The developers also made it possible to transfer all new users from inactive to active group in just a few clicks. If a customer bought 20 additional licenses, he would have to manually add every employee to the group of active employees, so that they could be tracked. Now, the user can simply choose all employees he wants to add from the list and click a single button.
For better convenience users can export Yaware.TimeTracker reports into Excel. Previously, it was only possible to export the reports into CSV and PDF. The following feature allows to eliminate the necessity to convert a CSV file into Excel.

About Yaware

Yaware is a vendor of a business productivity software who counts 70, 000 customers worldwide and has a team of more than 500 employees. The company runs its business since 2010 with headquarters in San Diego, California. Along with existing Yaware.TimeTracker the company develops new products aimed to increase business efficiency. Recently Yaware launched two new products: Yaware.Mobile and Yaware.Dashboard.

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