Friday 29th May 2015 – San Diego, California – Yaware, a Ukrainian based developer of business productivity software, launched a redesigned app, Yaware.TimeTracker. The new changes followed the direct suggestions of users on how to make the process of time tracking more efficient and easier.
Highlights of the newly designed app include updated and more user-friendly interface. Contemporary design is aimed at helping users find data they need faster, at the same time making it more visually coherent. While the new interface embraces aesthetic changes it keeps the same structure and functionality.

Easier data interpretation for better decision-making

Reports generated by Yaware.TimeTracker are made clearer and easier to navigate. While menus and graphics keep the previous patterns of collecting and formatting the data, their design is improved. Now users can view all reports in the most convenient and quick way.
Powered by the new and modern design Yaware.TimeTracker aims at helping businesses of all sizes to:

  • get accurate, relevant and automatically updated feedback on business performance;
  • centralize the data in a single online account for easy access from anywhere and on all the major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS);
  • simplify productivity analysis;
  • enhance business and employee productivity by making timely decisions backed by objective figures.

About Yaware

Yaware is a developer of business productivity software servicing 70,000 customers worldwide and employing a team of 500 people. Being in business since 2010 and with headquarters in San Diego, California, it now plans to launch 15 new products over the next 12 months. The new products along with existing ones will focus on enterprise business productivity.
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