People has not always been considered the most valuable asset any organization might possess. In fact, such approach became prevailing only in the middle of the 20th century.
Thanks to continuing research in fields of psychology, organizational behavior and HR, people gradually realized it was them who could make all the difference at the workplace.
In particular, there were 4 productivity experiments with a far-reaching effect on all of us.

These experiments are:

  1. F. Taylor’s experiment with pig iron;
  2. Hawthorne experiments;
  3. experiments in the Israeli army which resulted in discovering the Pygmalion effect and
  4. the Golem effect.

Giving researchers the credit for revealing truly significant findings to us we bring the following Infographic.
As the tests are outlined in chronological order, it’s easy to grasp how the opinions on productivity and its factors have been progressing. Our main purpose is to demonstrate that to make your organization better you don’t have to search for complicated techniques – it’s enough to look back at what was already discovered long ago.

(Click on the Infographic below to view the full size version)



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