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Time is money, right? And time of your company is the profit of your company and employees. That’s why there are few things more important than time tracking.  As well, as there are few tools that can help you better with this complex process than a time tracking tool.
Tracking time using an automated tool helps to streamline the major processes of your business, such as:

1. Reduce the time needed to get ready for payroll

How much time does it take to get ready for payroll? This process includes three main stages: collection of time and attendance data, analysis, and approval.
Payroll concerns several departments requires a lot of time and workforce. But Yaware.TimeTracker can help you make it much easier.
Instead of manually collecting timesheets or spending lots of time processing the Excel spreadsheets, let your HR managers and accountants simply login to the centralized system and save hours of work.

2. Eliminate data entry errors

It is actual for a company of any size. It is quite difficult to enter all the numbers and days correctly when there’s a HUGE amount of employees.
Yaware.TimeTracker delivers you from the need of manual data entry. The system automatically collects attendance data and total worked hours. So, neither you nor your employees have to enter the data manually.
Additionally, Yaware.TimeTracker automatically fills out timesheets when employee hits 8 hours of work at the computer.

3. Eliminate time theft

Sadly, business owners lose from 20 to 50 million dollars annually, because of time theft. It manifests itself in the form of time eaters or employees being unaware of where their time goes.
An automated time tracking tool like Yaware.TimeTracker enables employees to analyze personal statistics, allocate time eaters and organize work time properly.

4. Analyze productivity patterns

Employees’ productivity changes throughout the day. It depends on many factors, e.g. some employees feel more productive in the evening, so their productivity during daytime is poorer.
Analyze the productivity of employees during the day and decide what you can do or change to help employees be productive.

5. Increase business efficiency using visual data

A time tracking tool gives your business valuable information, that if used properly can be a powerful driver for the efficiency and profits.
That’s why Yaware.TimeTracker generates simple visual reports for you.  Visual data is much more simple to analyze and percept. As a result, you spend less time planning work activities and distributing tasks basing on accurate data.

6. Receive email reports

If you’re out of office for a while, but you have access to your email, you can receive daily/weekly/monthly notifications with time and productivity summary.

Key benefits for your employees

Employees are the force that make your business work and prosper. So, pay attention to their performance and help them improve.

1. Better time management skills for employees

Time management is a crucial requirement for every employee nowadays. But it’s quite difficult to manage time when you can’t see it. A time tracking tool literally makes it visual and thus much simple to manage.
With visual data at a site, employees can allocate the time losses and time when they most and least productive.

2. Better concentration and less stress

Yaware.TimeTracker helps to increase employees’ concentration, simply by helping to stay away from prolonged surfing in social media. If you have in Internet usage policy, Yaware.TimeTracker would be a great addition to making sure that employees don’t exceed the allowed limit and stay concentrated.
By reducing the time spent on non-work-related resources, employees will finish tasks promptly.

3. Increased motivation

What is the best way to increase employee’s motivation? Recognize and appreciate the work they are doing. Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with information about employees’ performance, so the best thing you can do is analyze it and reward your staffers for their work.
Yaware time tracking tool
There you go! Ten ways a time tracking tool can help your employees become more productive and motivated, and your business more efficient and profitable.

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