Remote Employee Monitoring.

The development of technology has led to the fact that nearly 40% of employees go to work “virtually”. Most often it is the people of creative and IT professions (designers, artists, programmers, testers).
But, despite the fact that telecommuting is gaining popularity, some managers continue to treat it with caution. And all because remote employee monitoring is difficult. Moreover, sometimes it is impossible.
But with the advent of time tracking software, everything has changed.

Remote employee monitoring with the help of time tracking software

Monitoring with the help of time tracking software is currently one of the most efficient ways, because it allows to gather objective information about:

  • the time of the beginning and the end of the work day;
  • used resources: websites and applications, and their productivity;
  • breaks;
  • real-time activities.

Using this information you get a full picture of remote employee performance, as well as if he works off the fixed hours (especially this is important by hourly rate wage).

Which time tracking software to choose?

Yaware is now the most efficient for remote employee monitoring.

Why Yaware.TimeTracker?

With the help of Yaware.TimeTracker you can:

1. Monitor telecommuters in real-time

You can monitor remote employees in real time, because the system updates the information every 15 minutes, or check the “Real-time activities” report and see what the employee is doing at the very moment.

2. Take screenshots and snapshots

This option will allow to find out, what exactly the employee is doing. You will avoid situations where an employee is working on several projects at the same time, thus delaying the process and increasing the cost of work.

3. Allow pauses and stops in monitoring

If the employee is working from home, it will help to keep the privacy or simply stop the monitoring, when distracting at personal issues.
An employee can pause the monitoring for 10-15 min., after that time, the system will automatically resume monitoring. Or the employee can stop the monitoring, and resume when necessary.

4. Create company’s hierarchy

You can display the structure of the entire company with remote offices, as well as creating a separate group of “Freelancers” for each department, to which they relate.

Make remote employee monitoring easy!

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