screen monitoring software

Screen monitoring software if often taken with a fierce resistance. Employees think that it is implemented only for surveillance. But it actually has benefits for the employees themselves.
So should it be resisted?

Pros of using a screen monitoring software

1. It eliminates wasted time

Having a screen monitoring software, you will notice how the overall productivity grows.
Naturally, being aware of the screenshot taking, employees become more conscious about how they use their working time.

2. It simplifies remote employee supervision

What do employers lack when they work with a freelancer for a long time? Visual data.
Even though Yaware.TimeTracker builds easy assessable graphic reports, it might not be enough to ensure the productivity of the remote employee.
Besides using screenshots managers can keep an eye on the project and make timely adjustments to it.

3. It actually protects the user

As well as screenshot taking protects employees from wasted time, it also protects their work.
An employee who is dedicated to his/her work and has nothing to hide gets a graphic approval of his/her great work.
Also, screenshots protect employees from any kind of accusations.

4. It offers a clear picture of employees’ workflow

The software silently takes screenshots while employees are working, So, you get to know how productively employees use their time, how the project is going.

Cons of using a screen monitoring software

Privacy Concerns

The only con that is highly discussable is that employers can use the screenshots to spy on the private life of employees. But there is one simple solution to this: employees should not use their personal social media accounts at work or conduct financial transactions.
Besides, using Yaware.TimeTracker employees can pause the monitoring if they have to do something urgent but it’s not work related. And then resume the monitoring. No screenshots will be taken and time will not be recorded.
Also, the screen monitoring software doesn’t capture every single action of an employee. It takes screenshots with a certain periodicity, so there’s not so that much sensitive information to be revealed.

In conclusion…

Using a time tracking software with a screen monitoring feature has pros and cons, but the cons can easily be eliminated when pros are so strong and will help your business become more efficient

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