Internet monitoring might look like something a company which doesn’t really trust its staff would do. It’s a one-sided perspective of course. In fact, the benefits it provides easily outweigh its possible disadvantages.
While no one is going to argue that these days the Internet is indispensable to any business / individual, it’s also clear it powerfully tempts us to do things which are not related to our job at all – most frequently during work hours. Meanwhile the amount of work seems to double every day. Should someone really be surprised if deadlines are not met and the team ends up overloaded?
The majority of staff really tries to fight Internet distractions, understanding they’ve still got work to be done. But sometimes it’s hard to remind oneself about it all the time. Besides without knowing precisely how much was really spent on “tiny” distractions, it doesn’t really seem alerting. Here’s exactly where Internet monitoring software could go to work.
The advantage this software provides is that it tracks what, where exactly and for how long one was doing on the web. Some apps (including Yaware.TimeTracker) even categorize that time, automatically defining which sites were productive and not. Each employee can therefore see real-time data on their Internet activities and figure out what distracted them most of all.

Benefits for the Employee and the Company

Having such feedback at the end of each day can immensely increase productivity within a short period of time.
What one could gain from monitoring Internet use on a personal level is:

  • increased productivity;
  • maintaining physical and mental health;
  • better time management;
  • comfortable work environment.

In turn, a company could benefit from well-balanced work schedules, healthy and productive staff, timely performance, increased work ethics and reduced costs. Internet monitoring can help staff remain focused on their daily tasks and do the right things throughout the day.
Internet monitoring is a good way to develop strong work ethics in the first place. It’s not about knowing who did what on the web but being able to use work time smartly and in ways best both for the employee and the company.
It also means the company has the interests of its staff in mind. Internet monitoring can become a rewarding effort in improving employee performance and foster professionalism at the workplace.

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