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PC monitoring software brings numerous options for the business development. But implementation of such a tool is often followed by some resentment and misunderstanding.
Let’s make it clear once in for all. Yes, employers can use a computer monitoring software because employees are paid for the time they spend at work. Besides, everything that employees do on company computers matters, so computer monitoring is an essential thing.
On the other hand, employees have the right for some privacy at the workplace. E.g., everybody needs a little break. Moreover, it is important to take at least a five-minute break every hour. And for most office workers a break is a dive into a digital world of entertainment, i.e. social media.
So, is there a way to balance out computer monitoring and workplace privacy? Yes, there is. Tell you more, here are five best practices to help you implement PC monitoring software with minimum resentment and maximum use.

Five best practices for using PC monitoring software

1. Be open with the employees

Don’t hide the fact that you are going to use a computer monitoring software. First of all, because usually labor laws don’t allow hidden monitoring.
And second of all, just by warning employees, you reduce the unwanted behaviour. Meaning that the employees’ awareness about such tool naturally makes them more productive.

2. Be responsible when choosing the software

Choosing a PC monitoring software is not something that you can and should do in a single day. Take your time to test out each piece you choose.
You want the software to bring use and return you the money you invest by increasing productivity, saving time, improving workflow, etc.

3. Dedicate your time to communicate

Know why employees are afraid of computer monitoring? Because the majority does not have a clue of what that is, what it does and why they need it.
So, tell them about such innovation!
Once you choose the software, present it to your employees. Describe its features, the features that you are going to use and how you are going to use them, and how you are planning to use the data.

4. Check the reports regularly

The only way to make use out of PC monitoring is to regularly check the generated reports. Cause if you don’t, then what’s the point of it?
The reports reveal blank and weak spots in employees’ work that you can then eliminate.

5. Encourage, don’t punish

Another common employees’ concern is that the tracking data will be used to punish for the unwanted actions.
At some rare occasions, that might happen. But it’s not the way that you should act. The tracking data should only be used to improve and encourage. See who your best-performing employees are and reward their contribution. Find out who your most unproductive employees are and turn them into the success story of your company.

In conclusion

So, now you are forearmed and know how to choose and implement PC monitoring software so that it would bring the most use. Go ahead and test out Yaware.TimeTracker – an automatic computer monitoring software.

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