2016-8Dear friends!
The team of Yaware congratulates you on the upcoming 2016!
2015 has been an exciting journey for us, and we hope it's been the same for you! We have great plans for the upcoming 2016 and hope that you’re going to be a significant part of them.
Let the new year bring you new interesting and profitable projects, and we will help you to stay productive as you achieve your goals.
Thank you for your trust and we promise that our products will bring even more use to your business in the New Year!
Holiday schedule:
We only have two days off: January 1 and January 7.
Rest of the time it's a regular 9 to 5 Mon through Fri working week.
So, if you have any questions about Yaware.TimeTracker, mail us at contact@yaware.com and we will reply as soon as possible.
Good luck and see you in the New Year!

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