Bitcoin is a payment system that has its own currency unity: bitcoins. It is a great experiment that, if successful can change the economic relationships between humans on a fundamental level.

Why is it so newsworthy?

Any existing payment system involves third party companies (mostly banks). This means that all your transactions go through a central system and can be interrupted by third party participant.
So, when you pay using PayPal, the company can interrupt or decline the operation, and the speed of transaction completion depends on third party participant.
Bitcoin is decentralized. It is like two computers are talking to each other, and nobody is controlling the network. Bitcoin means that for the first time in the history any person can have financial sovereignty.

Acceptance by merchants

In 2015, the number of merchants that accept bitcoins exceeded 100,000. The companies that accept bitcoins include Dell, Virgin Galactic and Microsoft.

Opportunity to buy Yaware.TimeTracker using bitcoins

You can purchase Yaware.TimeTracker using your bitcoins via BitPay. Simply chose BitPay as a way of payment in your personal cabinet of Yaware.TimeTracker and start increasing the productivity of your company right away.
There already is the first happy customer, who used this method of payment.
The team of Yaware is working to make the purchasing process as convenient as possible. So, feel free to join the Bitcoin movement.

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