Company profile

MagneticOne is an innovative software development company that has been on the market since 2001. Starting out with numerous solutions for eCommerce with the goal to help online merchants streamline the processes and automate routine tasks, it is now known all over the Web for a number of its online services like Cart2Cart, Cms2Cms, API2Cart, Data2CRM etc. Living its motto “Innovations. Always”, the company is striving to be always a step ahead with technologies used and solutions developed. It is growing fast and constantly introduces new projects, expanding its expertise over the new spheres.

The Challenge

Anatoliy Denys, Commercial Director at MagneticOne says, “Back in 2011, our company experienced a huge leap forward and the number of employees was growing fast, so is was getting harder to control their efficiency and work time usage. We searched for a reliable time tracking software both for monitoring on the manager’s side and staff self-control. Yaware was the only service that met our demands, so now our employees don’t imagine their work life without it (some of them even use it at home to monitor computer usage)”.
Results of Time and Attendance Software from Yaware implementation at MagneticOne

Productivity increase

“Thanks to Yaware, we managed to improve work productivity in the company. Surprisingly, it happened mostly without interference. I owe it to the fact that employees became more disciplined and gave more importance to performing their tasks knowing their activity is being recorded”, – says Anatoliy Denys.
With time and attendance software from Yaware, MagneticOne introduced flexible schedule, which is another factor helping improve employee productivity. This is what Anatoliy Denys says, “Members of technical support department, who communicate with clients directly, work fixed hours. But all the rest staff members can select the work hours when their mental activity is at its peak, and take short breaks whenever needed. Yaware helps keep track of each minute worked, and ensure proper compensation. I see it as the perfect way to foster productivity”.

Streamlining HR processes

The company is expanding, and there is an almost constant flow of new team members. Yaware.TimeTracker helps better evaluate each person on probation period, shortening it for the brightest candidates. It also helped them avoid losing time with potential employees who weren’t quite right for the company standards.

Simplifying managerial processes

Dmytro Lazarchuk, Head of Marketing Department at MagneticOne, shares his opinion on Yaware, ‘With Yaware, it is much easier for me to see who in my department has his hands full and who is working at leisure. It helps with planning and setting deadlines which are reachable, but at the same time require everybody to keep in a good shape”.
MagneticOne representatives claim that the convenience of the system is within its being automated and reliable in keeping the data. They spend a few minutes a day for checking stats company wise, but in case of any necessity all the detailed info is at hand. ‘Actually, no one is digging into the stats unless questions arise towards the specific employee, but when it happens, answers are within a few mouse clicks reach’, says Anatoliy Denys.

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