Step Used Time Tracking Software for Better Project Management

Company Profile

IT Academy “Step” – is a large training center that specializes in professional computer education. It is the biggest Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk authorized learning center.
The training center focuses on a practical approach to learning. The knowledge that students get there are reinforced by practical exercises.
The training program at Step Computer Academy is based on unique proprietary methods that meet the highest requirements imposed by modern IT-companies to young professionals. As a result, the graduates of the academy now work at the world's largest IT companies.
Step Computer Academy was named the best among Europe's Cisco training centers and was ranked best in CIS for Autodesk Maya professionals training.

The Challenge

Dmitry Korchevskiy, CEO of IT Academy “Step”, explains, what prompted him to implement a time tracker: “In order to analyze the efficiency of the business, it is very important to know what employees do during working hours. That’s why I decided to implement Yaware.TimeTracker, which allows to have remote control of theemployees who work at the computer. ”For Step, success is in delivering on-time, on-budget results-oriented training to skill best IT specialists. Delivering projects on budget and on time is challenging in any environment, especially without the right management tools in place. That's why the academy tries to hire and keep only professionals who can provide great results. But how do you measure employee productivity?

Yaware.TimeTracker to Evaluate Employees Productivity

Yaware.TimeTracker allows not only to monitor online and offline activities, but also automatically categorizes used applications and visited websites into three groups: productive, neutral and unproductive. This feature helps to evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of employees. “After implementing our time tracking software, we saw the actual work performance and understood which team members are the most productive and which do not comply with the requirements of our business. – says D. Korchevskiy, “So we adopted measures required to help employees comply with the company standards.”

Correcting the Project Direction at the Early Stages

Project management and client billing requires tracking time and billing information. However, these processes require a lot of paper work and are time consuming without a proper time tracker. Filling in the data manually can cause more mistakes than an automated process. Incorrect data or the lack of it can lead to improper project management and wrong strategic decisions. Thanks to Yaware.TimeTracker “Step” resolved company issues connected with project management. D. Korchevskiy says: “With the help of obtained data, I can find out if the project ‘goes the wrong way' in early stages and can adjust the work in a timely manner. “

The process of implementing time tracking software

Because the academy provides professional computer education, it is difficult to surprise the employees with new software. And it is even possible that employees could have already heard about it before installation at Step Computer Academy. “The implementation went rather smoothly. There was no negative reaction as well as enthusiasm”, – underlines D. Korchevskiy.

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