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SMART business is a consulting company, that provides innovative solutions for effective business management with Microsoft Dynamics (AX, NAV, CRM) platforms. The company has a status of Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and is also a member of Microsoft Dynamics President's club.
SMART business brings effective IT-solutions that deliver the pleasure of working. The company believes in the business, which brings not only profits, but also fun to employees, managers and owners.



Different companies face various difficulties, which lead them to implementation of a time tracking tool. And SMART business also had some issues, which required the right solution.
Kirill Rudnev, a Sales Manager at SMART, says: “The main activity of the company – implementation of enterprise resource management systems. Therefore, we pay special attention to employee time tracking. Firstly, it allows you to build transparent relationships with customers – they always know how much time and resources was spent on their tasks. Secondly, employees can monitor and effectively allocate their time. ”

A User-Friendly Solution

SMART business company offers implementation consulting services, system support, events and training to those working in various industries. That is why it was really important for them to find the solution, which is up-to-date, easy to use and accurate. So, they have chosen Yaware out of all the alternatives. “We made the decision rather quickly. We considered a few other alternatives, however, decided to choose Yaware time tracker for its skilled support engineers. – says K. Rudnev – Furthermore, the service covered all the requirements: fast implementation, automatic control, a simple analysis of the results.

Shortening the Probation Period

As any company SMART was spending a lot of time and resources to evaluate new employees and understand if they should be hired permanently. Yaware time tracking software allows to see the overall work performance of new employees and provides accurate reports. K. Rudnev says: “After installing Yaware we managed to shorten the probation period. Automatic time tracking allowed to objectively evaluate the attitude of the testee to work.

Reducing Unproductive Time at Work

The employees, that every day work at the computer and have an access to Internet, can get easily distracted and lose the track of time. However, it happens randomly, when there is a time tracking tool. When employees know, that they are being monitored, it makes them use the network less for personal purposes and more for work. “After implementing Yaware the unproductive time has reduced significantly,” underlines K. Rudnev.

Implementing Time Tracking Software

Normally, managers understand the importance of time tracking but are afraid of the reaction of their employees. SMART was no exception, however the implementation of time tracking software went smoothly. “Initially, the employees treated the innovation with caution, but later appreciated its benefits. The system helps to automatically track time and find out the reason of it`s inefficient use.” – says K. Rudnev “We track time of all employees, but especially of the service department, because their time is directly related to the mutual settlements with customers. We keep track of the time spent on customers` tasks.

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