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Gods of Content is an exchange of copywriting with creative employees. The company specializes in writing informative and easy-to-read content, products’ description for online stores, SEO-articles for blogs and websites. Currently, Gods of Content uses the services of only verified copywriters, and employs high skilled professionals. But was it like that from the very beginning? The company’s manager was working with freelancers and programmers first and had the problem with their performance appraisal. So, he had decided to use time tracking software Yaware.TimeTracker. Thanks to it, now the company saves $500 per programmer each month.

Time Tracking App As a Necessity

On any given day, Gods of Content employees work on different projects, each with unique tasks and elements. Since the company pays the workers based on hourly work and project type accurate time-tracking is crucial.
Account managers are typically people who value relationships, enjoy good conversation and spend time making connections. Monitoring time helps them not to lose the track of how many hours they spend on the specific activity.
Support Engineers are the critical part of Gods of Content success, they resolve the issues with uncanny accuracy. But how much time is needed for specific activity? Time tracking app will show, how many hours/minutes were spent on each ticket and task.
Programmers are usually busy with different projects, and it is not that easy to monitor the time spent on the specific activity. With help of time tracking app programmers can show the manager what was done for the certain period. In addition, team leader can keep a better track of how much more time is needed based on previous monitoring.
In an effort to increase employee's productivity and optimize workflow, Gods of Content began to look for time-tracking app.

The Service Implementation

Arkadiy Koss, director of Gods of Content says: “It was important to find the solution for the company within a short time. So, I have started to study a market and finally decided in favor of Yaware.TimeTracker because of the following reasons:

  • It took 10 minutes to understand the system, that is really fast.
  • Support engineers are always ready to help.
  • The website has a lot of useful information.

In addition, Yaware.TimeTracker cares about its clients and has a solid business approach.
With limited IT resources, Gods of Content was also able to take advantage of Yaware.TimeTracker’s quick implementation without having to provide additional technical support for users. Additionally, the service allows to track employee time against various projects, something that the company had never been able to do before.
“When the new employees come to the team we notify them about the work time monitoring with Yaware.TimeTracker. Currently, time tracking app is implemented on computers of account managers, programmers and support engineers.”

Using Yaware.TimeTracker to Reduce Costs

By providing real-time visibility to client projects, Yaware.TimeTracker has changed how Gods of Content manages and delivers projects. Because the company charges programmers at a fixed fee per task or hour, increased visibility on overrun has led to new and more streamlined ways of working, and more realistic resourcing estimates.
Using Yaware.TimeTracker saves the company $500 per programmer each month,” said Arkadiy. “These results are possible due to hourly rate wage. Thanks to the service I know exactly how much time was spent on my project.”
The easy-to-use automated time tracking software is useful for both employees and employer. Staff now have more time to devote to client-facing activities, because they are free of the burden of manual time tracking, feel more rewarded and satisfied with their role. Programmers are often working unusual hours on client projects, and Yaware.TimeTracker gives them the flexibility to record their time whenever they are busy with their tasks. On the other hand, the manager gets the results and sees the number of spent hours spent to complete the tasks. Moreover, it is possible to review the employees working day on mobile phone being on the weekend, or while traveling.
Now I cannot imagine our work with contractors without Yaware.TimeTracker. I also recommend the service to my friends and business colleges. Now two of them use this time tracking software as well and are happy about it.

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